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  1. California Issues
    California Issues is a collection of editorials, opinions, articles and posts about issues effecting the great state of California, including politics, legal, crime, taxes, tourism, security and more.
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  2. Canadian Art Magazine
    Read about Vancouver arts, artists in Vancouver, and Vancouver art magazine articles written by a Vancouver based writer, Liza J. Lee. Online articles about arts and tourism Vancouver.
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  3. Click Portugal
    Photos of Portugal, tourism, travel and gastronomy
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    Tourism and Hospitality International Advisor Have Passport Will Travel, Proven Performance, Leading edge Marketing and Development, Testimonials, Expert advice and coaching,
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  5. Culinary Travel Info
    Planning your vacations around the culinary arts is an excellent way to learn about any country. Follow our savvy authors' tips to eat and drink your way around the world!
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  6. Dawn's World
    All things travel related.
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  7. Deep Fry Philosophy
    Abdulla Yasir's website is about the Maldives that he loves in all its facets, him and his network of relatives and friends, and of course banters that he stumbles upon.
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  8. Digital Graffiti 2014 - Artistically Powerful!
    The world's first projection art festival in Alys Beach - Digital Graffiti.
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  9. Eastern Cape Escapes
    Journeys through the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
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  10. Easy Destination Blog
    Offers latest travel news, destination overview, food and wine guide
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  11. Easy Italy Blog
    Find travel information on Italy's most compelling cities (Rome, Milan, Naples, Genoa, Florence, Venice, San Remo, Palermo...).
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  12. Entertainment, Games and Travel
    Useful information for tourists and people who want to have fun during their spare time.
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  13. Fifty States Travel
    Fifty States Travel is about exploring the fifty (50) states in the United States of America. There are several beautiful attractions in the US, exploring them one by one is the goal of this website.
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  14. From Malang With Love
    The features of Sugeng Pribadi Blog's
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  15. Germany Tourism | Berlin Germany | Munich Germany | Hamburg Germany
    The most visited tourist regions in Germany are the East Frisian and North Frisian Islands, the Baltic Sea coasts of Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the Bavarian and Black Forest, and the Bavarian Alps and much more at http://germanytourism-berlingermany.blogspot.com.
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  16. GPS Audio Tour & Tourism Marketing
    A marketing blog for the travel and tourism industry
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  17. Group Travel Tours, Singles Group Travel, Travel Tour Groups, Corporate Travel Planning
    www.grouptravelblog.com provides information about Singles Group Travel, Travel Tour Groups, Corporate Travel Planning, Tourism Destination Marketing, Travel Planning Business, Small Group Adventure Travel
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  18. Gulflink Blog
    GulfLink publishes original news articles and blog posts on a variety of travel-related topics, covering the Florida Gulf Coast region. Our articles include topics such as local events, beaches, hot spots, restaurants and more.
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  19. Hit Kerala Beaches and Islands for the Perfect Family Holiday
    After exploring the historical sites, hill stations, theme parks, zoos and other attractions in Kerala, people that are looking specifically for fun at the beaches and islands can find ample options for the same in the God’s Own Country.

    Travelers, if started their journey from Ernakulam can begin their beach holidays from Fort Kochi, to have fun at the beach. They however may not get to have full access of the Fort Kochi beach, as some of the region is under the control of the Indian Navy.

    Fort Kochi attracts tourists from all across the globe and is famous for the huge Chinese fishing nets. While the travelers are exploring this region should not miss to see the men trying for fresh catches using the ropes/boulders and the heavy nets. The Chinese fishing nets and the men working on it would surely make perfect photos for the albums of the tourists.

    People that like to buy fresh fishes can visit the stalls and get it cooked (to their preference) at nearby restaurants. They would charge the travelers a few bucks for the service, but one would guarantee that fish recipe turned up the way one wanted it to be.

    From the shore, people can even enjoy the sights of small boats and ships (of all the types and sizes) float across the stream. Watching huge ships (mostly industrial ships) would be a memorable experience for many, for sure.

    Besides, those who like to explore the waterway going in the midst, frequent boat rides are available from Fort Kochi (to Ernakulam and other vicinities in Kerala), as one can choose from houseboats to speedboats to scale their journey.

    BookHouseBoats.Com manages water recreational activities for the guests, visiting Kerala. People that want to mix beach holidays in Kerala with boat rides can seek them for fun on the stream.

    On the other hand, those that want to be at the shore can walk the pebbled roads and watch different sights. People who love feeding birds can buy roasted groundnuts and other from the hawkers and give a sumptuous treat to crows, pigeons and various other bird species there.

    After having a gala time at the Fort Kochi beach and the stay there at a plush hotel, one can move to Cherai (about 25 km from Kochi) and for exploring other beaches of Kerala, if have planned an extended tour.

    Here are some of the other popular beaches of Kerala, viz. Alappuzha, Bekal, Chavakkad Beach, Kappad, Kappkadavu, Kollam, Kovalam, Marari, Meenkunnu, Muzhappilangad, Payyambalam, Shankumugham, Snehatheeram, Thirumullavaram, Varkala and so on.
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  20. http://www.algarvevillas.designholidays.co.uk/
    Martinhal Beach Resort is located on the south western tip of Algarve, Portugal and is quickly becoming the premier luxury family resorts in Europe. Located in Algarve, Portugal, the Martinhal Beach Resort is one of the top rated luxury family resorts in Europe.

    Martinhall Resort
    Design House Stairbridge Court, Bolney,
    West Sussex, RH17 5PA
    01444 87 2200
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