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  1. BioLife4D 3D Bioprinting Blog
    BIOLIFE4D is a pioneering biotech company that plans to leverage advances in sciences and cardiac tissue engineering to build human hearts.
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  2. Cord Blood Transplantation - Make A Wise Decision
    It is certain that after reading these benefits of cord blood transplantation, you will want to store your cord blood too. For more information visit pregnancy period.
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  3. Emphasis of hair transplant and its benefits in India
    Hair Transplant in India is one of illustrious treatment is given to every patient which is suffering from such conditions. So in this procedure, the hair transplant grafts from the donor area (mostly on the back of the scalp) are transplanted. to the recipient area (normally the front of the scalp)
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  4. Hair Transplant Blog
    Doctor's Q&A about hair loss, research and news on techniques
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  5. Hair Transplant in Multan
    This blog contain all information regrading hair care, hair loss problem.hair loss solution, baldness solution and many more. One can get all information from one platform and get free consultation from experts.
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  6. Hair transplant in Pakistan
    Hair loss can be a big problem for anyone who is going through it and it is a constant fear in the mind of getting bald. Baldness is not accepted by people in any society or culture because it directly deals with the appearance and confidence of one’s personality. In this situation the best consideration is hair loss surgery. Before deciding for the hair transplant in Pakistan, it is very important to understand the basic concept of surgical hair restoration. What are the purpose and limitations of the surgery and what one can expect from the surgery? When one is fully educated and understands the hair transplantation it becomes easy to make your decision. If people think that hair transplant can transform their personality altogether, this is the biggest misconception which needs to be clear. The purpose of this surgical procedure is to restore your natural hair by transplanting your own hair after taken from your donor area.
    The scalp is largely divided into two parts one is the donor area and other is the recipient site. The density of the surgery is dependent upon the donor site, how much hair follicle could it produce to the bald area. The hair follicles are extracted from the area where there is permanent and strong hair and they are implanted into the bald area. The procedures of hair transplants are same; however it is classified into two techniques. One is the Follicle Unit Transplant, in which strip hair follicles removed from the scalp by giving a linear scar in the donor area and these follicles are then divided and planted in the bald area. The other technique is the Follicular Unit Extraction, this technique allows extracting hair follicles from any part of the body and they are taken out by giving circular incision and implanted into the bald area. The difference is that hair follicles are extracted one by one and a fine needle is used to transplant them. This technique allows quick healing of the wound because there is no linear scar or sutures. After the surgery the donor area is covered with the bandage. There is no hospital stay required after the surgery and bandage is removed the following day of the surgery.
    After knowing about the techniques used in hair restoration it is important to know hair transplant cost in Pakistan and growth process of transplanted hair. It usually make people panic after the surgery. When hair follicles are removed from the donor area the blood supply is also affected and when these follicles are transplanted in the new area which is your recipient area, the hairs need to readjust and it takes about 3 to 5 months to show their growth. The transplanted hair shed after few days of the surgery which is normal and they start growing after couple of months. It takes about 9 to 12 months for the transplanted hair to show their full growth.
    For having a good fue hair transplant (Pakistan), it important to understand if you are a candidate for the surgery or not. A person who does not have donor area is not a suitable candidate for the surgery. The best and ideal candidate would be the person who has sufficient donor area to supply a good amount of hair follicles to the bald area for a fuller and dense hair on scalp. You should discuss thoroughly with your surgeon which hair transplantation technique is best for you and how many hair follicles can be transplanted. An experienced hair surgeon can give you 2500 to 4500 hair follicles in two days with FUE hair procedure depending on your bald and donor area. A good understanding of the procedure will lead to free from anxiety during and after procedure.
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  7. Introducing Ultra Refined Hair Transplant
    Pluggy hair transplant is the thing of the past. With advanced technological development in modern times, pluggy hair transplants go unnoticed. The history of hair transplant can be from plug grafts in 1960’s and 70’s, the mini micrografts in 80s and early 90’s to the modern Ultra Refined Hair Transplant.
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  8. Problems of Hair loss and their treatments
    In today’s era many illusion result with regard to hair-loss, it is not caused by regular shampooing, the wearing of helmets, and the presence of parasite. It is due to the natural process through which some hairs goes in latent state, and others come out of this state and begin to grow a new hair.
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  9. Productive Cosmetic Surgery For Hair Transplant
    Now days for hair replacement surgery there are number of techniques used, from which to achieve the best results two or more techniques are used effectively. So get best advice and treatment after reading this article.
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  10. Supplementing With Super Foods Can Slow Down The Hair Fall
    Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for hair loss treatments in women, as there is for other ailments and diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and so on. Sometimes, people find that even if they meet the nutritional requirements, there could be some other causes that lead to hair fall and greying of hair such as hereditary factors.
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  11. The Journal of a Prizefighter
    25 year old's blog of experience with Hodgkin's Disease and Stem Cell Transplant
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  12. To Find the best place for Hair Transplant in India
    Today’s all we knows that hair transplant in India is one that has risen over past years, and numerous people take it as an affirmable way to recover hair after losing it
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