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  1. April PPS Featured Authors
    Calling ALL #Readers APRIL Emerce Content FEATURED AUTHORS: Remarkable Read: Bullying, Self-Esteem and Teaching Your Kids About Acceptance! A Must Read: This Wealth of Knowledge Filled with Revolutionary Tools to Create a Blended Family of Support and Respect! Immediately Addictive Crime Thriller From The International Award Winning EMILY STONE SERIES! A Gumbo Full of Tragedies, Love, Laughter, Bad Behavior, Honest Mistakes, and Friendships That Will Last Forever! Totally Mind-Blowing Read: With Murder In Common, Friendship Is Inevitable! | GENRES: Children’s, Nonfiction Resource, Crime Thriller, Humor Comedy, Southern Fiction | TITLES: “If I Was A Bird...What Kind Of Flock Would I Fly With?”, “THE SECRETS TO STEPFAMILY SUCCESS”, “Dark Pursuit”, “Southern Fried Life”, “Pleasant Day” | AUTHORS: Peter Andrew Sacco, Gloria Lintermans, Jennifer Chase, David Luck, Vera Jane Cook | http://emercecontent.com/20/post/2015/04/april-featured-authors1.html
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  2. eMerce Content
    NEW Location! WELCOME to Listen for FREE at your convenience to: Business Marketers Tips | Indie Authors’ Strategies | 30min LIVE shows from TALK RADIO NETWORK with host Jo-Anne Vandermeulen. http://emercecontent.com/radio-shows-b.html ENJOY!
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  3. eMerce Content
    Calling All Readers! eMerce announces NEW January Featured Authors – WELCOME to check out AWESOME Books and eBooks to add to your shelf or eReader. http://emercecontent.com/20/post/2014/01/january-featured-authors.html
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  4. eMerce Content
    Calling All #Readers: Recommended NEW Books To Add To Your Shelf Or eReader! March PPS Featured Authors’ | GENRES: woman literature, romance, suspense, saga, contemporary, military-history, historical-romance, self-help, pop-psychology, YA, Scifi, memoir, thriller, medical-mystery, romantic-comedy, apocalyptic-fiction | AUTHORS: Anjuelle Floyd, PJ DEAN, Ashlee North, Jacamo Peterson, Raymond Gustavson, Dr. Peter Andrew Sacco, Kenna McKinnon, Silken Laumann, Darcy Daniel, Geoff Nelder, Roman Koidl, David C. Cassidy, F. Wilson, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen | TITLES: “Stories of Women Making Things Right and Healing Relationships With Their Mothers”, “Union”, “Circling Carousels”, “Wake Me Up So I Can Dream”, “A Hard Place”, “A Thirst For War”, “Breast Envy”, “SpaceHive”, “Unsinkable: My Untold Story”, “The Devils’ Cradle”, “ARIA: Left Luggage”, “Velvet Rain”, “A Necessary End” | http://emercecontent.com/authors.html
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  5. eMerce Content
    Calling All #Readers: Recommended NEW Books To Add To Your Shelf Or eReader! | Genres: Creative #Writing, #Publishing, #Resource, #Romantic #Thriller, #Suspense, | http://emercecontent.com/authors.html Congratulations Authors: Stephanie J Hale, Hope Hamilton Tate, Ashlee North, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen and Robert Ellis.
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  6. eMerce Content
    Need AFFORDABLE and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Book Marking Services? Check out these NEW Endorsements from VERY HAPPY #AUTHORS (95% return) for JO-ANNE VANDERMEULEN http://emercecontent.com/endorsements.html | PPS Promo Deal | Website | Social Media Exposure | SEO...all boosting you higher in the MAJOR Search Engines. Now is time for YOU to stand out from the rest! You Write – We Promote. http://emercecontent.com/index.html Contact Jo-Anne TODAY! marketerjovandermeulen@gmail.com or Google her and connect on your favorite social media site.
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  7. eMerce Content
    Calling All #Readers! NEW Books to Add to Your Bookshelf or eReader from these July PPS Featured AUTHORS: Vincent Zandri, Roland Hughes, Ashlee North, Peter Sacco, Hope Hamilton Tate, Peg Brantley, Christine Fonseca, Jacamo Peterson, Beryl Singleton Bissell, J.E. Taylor, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen | GENRES: action, adventure, romance, dystopian, fiction, contemporary romance, saga, suspense, thriller, YA/NA, paranormal, military history, memoir | TITLES: “The Shroud Key”, “John Smith - Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars”, “Circling Carousels”, “Touched By Grace”, “Love and Mayhem on the Sunny Isle of Jamaica”, “The Sacrifice”, “Collide”, “A Hard Place/A Sergeants Tale”, “The Scent of God: A Memoir”, “Trinity Rising” | http://emercecontent.com/20/post/2014/07/july-featured-authors.html
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  8. February PPS Featured Authors
    #Readers NEW Featured eMerce Authors! bit.ly/1qAo9ZZ @dablademan @KennaMcKinnon @shelleybaur @conquerall pic.twitter.com/sIe6QjvsUX
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  9. Internet Marketing Made Easy
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  10. Internet Marketing Made Easy
    PPS PROMO DEAL for Feb. – 85% Returning Clients –Back from POPULAR DEMAND (52 Consecutive Months in Successful Service). Affordable Author/Book service | 2 Weeks Promotion in HIGH TRAFFIC – MASSIVE EXPOSURE! 20% Savings (limited time offer). http://joconquerobstacles.com/2014/01/30/february-pps-promo-deal/ *Money back Guarantee – Massive Exposure | Higher Google Rankings | Increased Traffic.
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  11. March Featured Authors!
    MARCH Emerce Content FEATURED AUTHORS: Unable To Put-Down, Gritty and Real Sergeant’s Tale! Prolific Author Writes Another Breathtaking Spirit Of The Amish! Incredible Engaging Final Souls Battle Against God! Absorb In This Tale Of Faith And Love, With More Than A Touch Of Magic! Children Will Be Encouraged With This Surprising Spirited Success Story! Amazon Picks Of The Best Murder Mystery Book! Wise and Creative Help for Cyber-Savvy Parents! | GENRES: Military History, Amish, Drama, Christian, Spiritual, Fiction, Nonfiction Resource, Romantic Suspense, Children, Parents | AUTHORS: Jacamo Peterson, Beth Shriver, J. Anson Brandes, Mary Verdick, J. B. Dabo, Charlene Wexler, Peter Andrew Sacco, Serafim Gascoigne | http://emercecontent.com/20/post/2015/03/march-featured-authors1.html
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  12. ppsforauthors
    #Readers - New books to add to your shelf or eReader. WELCOME to check out these NEW PPS January Featured Authors http://www.ppsforauthors.com/2014/01/pps-january-feature-authors.html
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