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  1. A Rift In Time
    The blog that is written and maintained by the owner of A Rift In Time. This is my exploites, trials, tribulations, and what I have learned so far setting up and running my E-Business.
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  2. Amazing watches, amazing offers
    Watches are the best gift that you can give to anyone. Whether your friend is a boy or a girl, watch is something that everyone likes. When I was going through this thought, just then I remembered that next week is my father’s birthday. So I thought I should gift him a nice watch. Though it was difficult for me to get the right watch as my father’s choice is different. So I just started my laptop and start searching good watches. But I knew one thing that my father personally like Titan watches. So I firstly checked my savings as titan is not a local brand after that as I was doing my research I saw some of the advertisements of titan which was done by many known celebs then I realize why it is a costly brand. But I don’t mind to spend my whole pocket money to get the best gift for my father. Just like me there are many people who notice quality not the price. Gifts are the special things that you give to special people. So coming back to my research I was surfing many websites in order to get the best deal. But the thing was I always wanted to keep an option, as I can get a good watch on another good brand also. But the thing was I was not getting all good brands at one place. Then I visit myshopbazzar and I got all the popular and best brands there. Brands like titan, fastrack, sensation, citizen and many more good brands were available there. So I got the opportunity to choose from the best brands at affordable price. Myshopbazzar gives you the exiting deals so that you can get your favorite product without hurting your pocket. So don’t make your loved ones wait too long and gift them your love wrapped up with the good wishes. Just visit this link http://www.myshopbazzar.com/men/watches/filter/ptype/men-s-watches.html and checkout the beautiful watches for your special ones.
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  3. Celebrity Brands
    What Celebrity wears, uses and likes
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  4. Consumer digest blog about luxury cars, luxury watches, luxury bedding, hobby lobby, bed bath and beyond, tight jeans, romantic gifts, gift baskets, personalized gifts, wedding cakes
    Blog about consumer digest, luxury cars, luxury watches, luxury bedding, hobby lobby,
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  5. Cool Material
    Cool Material scours the web, mags and stores for the latest trends for men.
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  6. dafina ibishaj
    A blog about my recommendations of what I buy, where I eat, places I visit, top websites to visit, health, fashion recommendations and much more.
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  7. Digital Wrist Watches Are The Choice Shopping Items For Both Men And Women
    Justwatchesindia is a one stop marketplace for the luxurious and elegant designed watches for various occasions in your life to make those moments more special, Check us online to check our products Justwatchesindia.com
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  8. Draw Spots
    Ink illustrations
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  9. Funkywatch's Blog
    Funkywatch provides a one stop shop for cool children's products including colourful and fun watches, messenger bags, lunch boxes, back packs, PE bags, satchels and other accessories
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  11. Jewelry Wise Blog
    The blog contains information on all types of jewelry including necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, cuff links, bangles, bracelets, armlets, lockets, belly chains, anklets, head ornaments, hairpins, and watches, etc.
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  12. mechanical watches
    site for antique watches fans
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  13. Orologi militari e altro
    Orologi militari contemporanei per appassionati, qui si parla di orologeria militare
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  14. Panerai blog
    Blog For Panerai Watch Enthusiasts
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  15. Replica watches in Pakistan
    Fine Store is the best replica watches online store of Pakistan and have all replica watches brands including Louis Vuitton, Tagheuer, Rolex dealing more than the others because of their good quality.
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  16. Style Details
    Style Details Fashion Accessories
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  17. The Adventure of Collecting Vintage Watches
    Collecting vintage watches is misconceived as expensive and exclusive. You need not be an expert to go on the adventure of recovering old watches and restoring them to their original glory.
    Added on May 28, 2008 | 610 Views | 
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  18. The Luxury Connection
    Bringing you the latest in luxury and decadence from around the globe!
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  19. Ultimate Luxury Watch Guide
    horology reference journal
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