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  1. iPod News
    News about iPod. Info about iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod accessory
    Added on Apr 27, 2006 | 4029 Views | 
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  2. 1st in FASHION Accessory | Modeling | Design | Hairstyle | Beauty Tips
    If you are looking for tips in Fashion Accessory, Modeling, Design, Sedu HairStyles, Womens Health and Beauty, Anti Aging Skin Care here is the place
    Added on Jan 13, 2008 | 2364 Views | 
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  3. Car audio & Accessories
    About car part and accessories
    Added on Oct 26, 2007 | 808 Views | 
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  4. cell phone accessory blog
    new cell phones and cellphone accessory informations and talks
    Added on Oct 2, 2006 | 1371 Views | 
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  5. Direct Car Parts
    Keep up to date with changes to our website, learn about new up-and-coming car accessories and changes to our car accessories product range. With reviews and news on new car products, accessories and gadgets.
    Added on Dec 20, 2007 | 1032 Views | 
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  6. Fashion jewelry: Wood is the new gold :isiscrafting.com
    I still remember when my mommy used to tell me that there’s nothing like gold jewelry to make a woman feel on top of this world. Really? I always wondered? Because I have always loved those chunky and funky fashion accessories, handcrafted pieces, costume jewelry that stands out from the rest. Especially those carved in wood are simply exquisite in the way they look and cast a spell.

    Unlike gold jewelry, these wooden jewelry items are not too expensive yet they are high on glam quotient. The best part – you can wear them with almost all kinds of outfits and for any occasion and they would just look apt.

    Wood as a material for fashion accessories is like the newest trend and women particularly are in love with it because it’s easy-to-wear and anyone can carry it off effortlessly. You really don’t need to worry about the delicate chains or strings, as this wooden pieces are quite simple yet so stylish.

    Another highlight of these costume jewelry items made in wood is that they have peculiar tribal feel to it and women who wish to experiment with their accessory wardrobe can’t miss but check this collection out. You’d see a strong connotation of tribal cultures in most of these jewelry items made out of wood.

    You actually can’t miss noticing the striking patterns and carvings done on wooden base that bring out the exquisiteness of these pieces. So intricate and eye-catchy that they go on to become the ultimate style statement.

    Also, the use of earthy tones in these to wooden fashion accessories just makes them look unique. Wear them once and you’d realize how different they look from those usual vibrant fashion accessories that everyone around would be wearing.

    What I personally like and endorse about these statement pieces is that you don’t need to be too picky while matching them with particular outfits. Being in neutral shades, almost every piece made in wood would go well with any outfit you pick. So that makes your job even simpler and hassle free.

    I am sure next time you head out to shop for these affordable fashion jewelry items, you surely would want to check out and buy some made exclusively in wood. No wonder, wood is the newest gold that is driving women around the globe crazy.
    Added on Oct 24, 2013 | 1151 Views | 
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  7. Hair style and care - Guide to natural black hair care and style
    You guide to hair style and care. Know how to choose a hair color and a hair style for natural black hair. Information on hair styles for men and women.
    Added on Sep 4, 2006 | 971 Views | 
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  8. Kitchen Cabinet Decoration and Remodeling
    All you Need to about Kitchen and Remodeling Kitchen. Latest Kitchen Decoration Trends and Kichens Accessory Guide.
    Added on Mar 26, 2008 | 1088 Views | 
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  9. Mobile Madhouse Mobile News
    Mobile Madhouse's blog keeps you in the loop about mobile news and views.
    Added on May 1, 2013 | 937 Views | 
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  10. San Diego Issues
    A place to air one's views or opinions on San Diego political and social ssues
    Added on Dec 15, 2006 | 948 Views | 
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  11. Scarfs and Shawls from India
    This blog is about womens fashion accessories like scarves,wraps,stoles and shawls
    Added on Aug 29, 2008 | 880 Views | 
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