January 22, 2021

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  1. Whole of the Blog
    The Whole of the Blog is the very first online diary devoted to UK recruitment advertising
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  2. Why Do We Need SEO Today?
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  3. Why PR?
    Any organization’s success story is the result of various factors. Public Relations as the name suggests means maintaining the relations of the company with its public; internal and external which ranges from stakeholders, suppliers, creditors, the government and most importantly its employee.
    The media and the target customers want to know more about any organisation. They want to know all the aspects about a company before getting associated with you. A PR agency gives them this information. It convinces the public by giving them due information. It builds the image of a company. Apart from building image for the public it also helps to maintain government relation for the successful running of the organization. A PR is the window through which common people see or experience an organisation.
    To be more specific it manages the relations of the company. It communicates the good about the organisation which appeals to the public.
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  4. Work Culture @ OMLogic
    OMLogic is a workplace where innovation & creativity is welcomed with open hands. People feel at home while working here and the day passes by in a jiffy. The cool atmosphere and great bonding between the colleagues is simply admirable.
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