November 28, 2020

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  1. Astrology Blog with future analysis of global annual trends
    This Astrology Blog is about Scientific Accurate Astrology, not about daily horoscopes stuff, psychic mind reading or generally about superstitions.The core use for visitors to this Astrology Blog will be a yearly analysis of the global quality of time.
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  2. Balloon decors and Cradle Ceremony
    Party Planners has been designing and arranging events and parties of all kinds and sizes, in hyderabad and outside hyderabad.There are very few types of events that we have not been involved in.

    Private Parties and Receptions
    Cradle ceremony
    Children's Parties
    Corporate Events
    Themed Events

    Most importantly, we know that the art of hosting a truly memorable event does not necessarily mean extravagance, but careful planning, originality and attention to detail.

    Party Planners is dynamic and creative, and can not only conceive the entire event, but also develop any ideas you may have.

    We are very aware of the changing markets and uniquely, are not tied to any one supplier. We are constantly testing and re-evaluating our caterers and entertainers and will ensure that our choice of supplier is tailored to all tastes and budgets.

    Our flexibility allows us to arrange all or any part of your event - from finding an exclusive venue to solely supplying the catering and entertainment to orchestrating the entire occasion.
    Contact:+91 9010149508
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  3. BRICS – India is the biggest loser
    Among other interminable dross that were churned in the recently concluded 5th annual BRICS summit in South Africa, was the idea of a Development bank, by the five ever-rising economic powers.
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  4. Corporate Governance Watch
    The latest in academic research, the latest news headlines, and lots of analysis! Topics include corporate governance, executive pay, board size and structure, finance fraud, securities litigation, accounting manipulation etc.
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  5. Executive Compensation: Equilar CEO Blog
    We at Equilar take pride in offering thoughtful and independent analysis on executive compensation trends that we’re seeing in the marketplace. Through my blog, I will highlight interesting trends and practices that we’re seeing in our research and share them with our readers.
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  6. Fun Landscape Garden & Design Ideas
    Visit landscape living were you will have access to an abundance of garden, landscape and design information to help you create a beautiful outdoor living area for your home.
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  7. Gardening For Dummies
    A daily updated gardening blog with a finger on the gardening pulse.
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