August 3, 2020

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  1. Archaeo Architects Blog
    Jon Dick, the principal, is an award-winning architect serving the southwestern United States offering building designs that are contemporary yet honor building site and the universal order found in ancient architecture. Archaeo Architects does award-winning work focusing on very few projects for which we provide personalized superior services. We emphasize architectural excellence that is unique in comparison with most architectural firms, combining sensitive consideration of the site’s context with a clear understanding of the programmatic, technical, budgetary and schedule parameters. The firm, paying particular attention to the quality of materials and detailing, provides unique contemporary design solutions in a true collaboration between architect and client.
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  2. Architecture and Home Design library
    Great articles on sustainable design, architecture, and home improvement
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  3. Asheville Custom Home Design
    ACM Design offers residential architectural design tips and advice about building a custom home.
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  4. Atlanta Landscape Design Company
    Outdoor Makeover is your premier landscape design company in Atlanta. Outdoor Makeover specializes in turning ordinary befores into unbelievable afters. Services include water creations, outdoor fireplaces and patio designs.
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  5. Design Celebrity - The Largest Virtual Design Library is dedicated to provide the finest and the latest in design ?To the Trade?
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  6. East Facing Plot Development by Architects
    Though east facing plots are auspicious by themselves, care should be taken while creating the interiors and selecting placement of furniture say vastu shastra experts. So to get the best output from East Facing Plots, it is advisable to consult good Bangalore architects and interior designers- Ashwin Architects
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  7. How Is Cloud Hosting Helpful for Developers?
    Cloud hosting has gained a stronger standing in the cloud computing world thanks to the active participation of enterprises in recent years. The cloud’s success lies in its potential to significantly impact IT costs through direct costs savings, save time in development and deployment, and to save resource allocation overheads.
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  8. The Original Log Home bLog
    Log home and timberframe information, companies, DIY, tips, maintenance and everything you want to know about building or maintaining a log home.
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  9. The Prize Is Right for Artists and Other Creative Professionals
    This blog lists the very best prizes, competitions, awards, and contests for artists and other creative professionals (musicians, writers,actors,architects,graphic artists and more). There are also opportunities to get on t.v. and radio on this blog.
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