December 4, 2020

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  1. 90's Music Log
    This log is all about one thing that made us the people who we are today, the one thing that got us in the groove and told us to forget our troubles and live life as it was back then - peaceful. Well maybe not as peaceful and carefree as the sixties in the USA, but it does indeed bring me a warm feeling when I hear songs like Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" when they had something real to sing about, or maybe Britney Spears's "...Baby One More Time" which made her the star she is today, and she was young back then and being a whore was not on the "Things I need to do to remain famous" list, and of course let's not forget about "The Power" from Snap!, a song that playes all over the clubs even today although today it's being rewritten, remixed and reinterpreted by a massive amount of artists, all of them lacking the ways to think of something new and catchy. And along with those some of the greatest hits on the rock/metal scene were released in that period. Some of them are Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Metallica's "Enter Sandman" (my personal favorite) and even Korn's "Freak On A Leash" were some of the pieces that turned a new page for these bands. Enough chit-chat let's get this show on the road!
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  2. Artist Newswire
    Album releases and new "singles" along with information about independent musicians and bands from around the world.
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  3. Artistopia Music
    Artistopia, the music site for music artist development and industry connections, presents ongoing blog notes on every aspect of music, music services, reviews, updates, music promotion, opinions, news and more. Artistopia is an online resource for independent and unsigned music artists, providing resource tools and services for musicians, singers, songwriters and music business professionals.
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  4. Audley Music
    Dedicated to helping unsigned bands
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  5. Bands To Fans - Bands and Fans - Home
    Bands and Fans - Custom online content for bands and musicians
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  6. Between the Horns - A blog about Heavy Metal: the music, the people and the culture.
    A celebration and analysis of the Montreal Heavy Metal music scene - reviews, interviews with top heavy metal artists, new bands, and upcoming events.
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  7. Chord Records
    Music industry blog for Indie musicians, giving tips on record companies, and how to start a indie record company.
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  8. Cupid Speaks - An Online Youth Platform is a hip and happening website for the youth that delivers celebrity gossip and youth gossip. It is a youth platform for the young where they can voice their opinions. has news and views by the youth.
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  9. Easy new type of gym take it anywhere
    gym, rubber bands exercise muscles
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  10. FREE MUSIC SONG LYRICS BANDS ARTISTS INFORMATION LYRICS YOU LOVE all genres for FREE from a to z alternative rock r & b hip hop country rap pop best new hot songs singles crazy cd bio audio panic at the disco fall out boy pictures blog biography
    FREE MUSIC SONG LYRICS BANDS ARTISTS alternative rock r & b hip hop country hot songs singles LYRICS LOVE all genres for FREE from A to Z SEARCH ONLINE BY HOTTEST MP3 on the WEB SOUNDS WORDS panic at the disco rap crazy best new pop cd audio fall out boy pictures blog biography unfaithful furtado nelly promiscuous rihanna rascal flats red hot chili peppers punk keith urban
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  11. Front Stage
    Music reviews, concert listings and tour news, A must read for all music fans.
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  12. Galveston Music Scene: The Blog
    Live Music in Galveston, TX listed by Venue, Band, Performer, Date, and Genre
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  13. GetMusibility
    Place for musicians to learn about music marketing, promotions and find DIY solutions for projects.
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  14. Hot Music News
    Hot articles on your favorite singers and bands.
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  15. Industry Buzz
    Industry Buzz brings you news from the music industry - radio, labels, venues, concerts, promoters - find out the latest info at Industry Buzz!
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  16. Inspiration of Today by Kiseg
    Kiseg`s blog about art, music, culture. Authors pictures, life stories, travel experience, teddy bears and funny pictures. Natural and created beauty of easy life.
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  17. Jam Ally Entertainment South AfricaTitbits
    News & views, not always entertainment and music related, but interesting.
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  18. Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Take Me To A Circus Tent
    Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship and related blog by author of the Jefferson Airplane book Craig Fenton "Take Me To A Circus Tent"
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  19. Live Music Photography Blog
    A live music photography blog of concert photographer David Oppenheimer. Concert photos and streaming audio.
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  20. Live While You Are Alive
    Welcome to my blog! Am a Heavy Metal Junkie desperately addicted to travel. I love going to places I've never been, savoring diverse cuisine and meeting people from different cultures and society.
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