November 28, 2020

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  1. He Catches His Wife Crying While Doing Laundry. Then She Tells Him The Shocking Truth
    This man follows his wife every morning without her knowing. Sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s not because he doesn’t trust her. In fact, his reason is a lot deeper.
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  2. A Lola’s Unconditional Love ( An OFW’s Story)
    A story of Bernardina , a Loving Mother who spent her life for her family, she has fled her home, Davao City to work in the United States for Love, Family and Future. She shares her hardship of working in a foreign land and being away from her loving family. Her tears, dream and aspiration, evident in her burning desire to help her family by providing for their daily needs. She also shares her difficulty to provide for her family, the hassle of processing items and sending it to her loved ones in the Philippines. Now she has found a better way to provide for her family’s daily needs. She provides a powerful testimony of what BayanMall has done to ease her burden, and gave happiness to her family. A way for her to show her love to the people she has worked hard for, spent her strength for and shed tears for. She has shared a better way of spending her hard earned cash more on the products she intends to send to her family and less on the freight cost or shipping fee. This is a story of a Loving, Self Sacrificing, and Wise mother willing to give her all to the family she so dearly loved and how she has cleverly found a way to provide for her loved ones in the Philippines. Saludo kami sayo Kabayan!
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  3. Bayanmall Online Shopping Philippines for All!
    Bayanmall Online Shopping Philippines is an Online Shop that supports Overseas Filipino Workers all over the world. It intends to cater the needs and des...
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    Today, Filipinos all over the country are fond of purchasing stuffs in Bayanmall ONLINE SHOPPING PHILIPPINES. It is what they have recently relied on when it comes to “shopping” in their most convenient hours. It became more preferable for many to have this easier way to shop for it doesn’t need such big efforts. It is definitely smart and practical for customers don’t have to leave their homes and be pressured.
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  5. Four Pinoy oil workers abducted by armed men in Libya – DFA
    Four Filipino workers were among the nine foreigners seized by gunmen at an oil field in Central Libya on March 6, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Monday.

    No one has claimed responsibility for the abduction and the employer has not received any ransom demand,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose told a press briefing.
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  6. Free public Wi-Fi across PH to be implemented in July
    Good news sa mga mahilig mag-Internet. Simula Hulyo, ikakabit na ang libreng Wi-Fi sa buong bansa. Marami ang natuwa siyempre. Pero meron ding pumuna sa magiging Internet speed nito. Bandila, March 19, 2015, Huwebes
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  7. Most Epic Graduation, You Mustn’t Experience.

    Before we fall into tears and get emotional to the approaching end of this point of your life's journey, laugh, laugh, laugh HARD , jump off your seats and run out of breath with this epic fail graduation moments
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  8. Pinoy Father of 4, Faces Deportation
    A Filipino father of four may soon be forced out of Canada as the country continues to cut down the number of service personnel working under its Temporary Foreign Workers Program.
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