July 10, 2020

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  1. Brainwave entrainment
    This blog is to evangelize about the benefits of brainwave entrainment as a non invasive alternative to relieve common mental afflictions such as stress, migraine, or depression. as well as to enhance your mental faculties such as IQ, memory, focus. etc.
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  2. Hypnosis Review Quarterly Blog
    Hypnosis and other holistic personal improvement programs. Including binaural beats, hypnosis, yoga, weight loss, natural high, stop smoking, meditation and many other areas of self improvement.
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  3. Mentallion.com
    Free online therapies for mental health
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  4. Successful Hypnosis Learning Center
    Self hypnosis and self promoted website for your socail life help, mental problems and spiritual issues. We pick the right hypnosis products, brain music downloads and other related materials.
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  5. The Binaural Diaries of Ollie Hall
    Weekly field recordings and sound bites. ‘Sound photographs’ (phonography) of my adventures in the South-West of England and beyond. Many sounds pass us by from day to day, sounds that would fascinate if we were to stop and spare a moment to listen to. Whether they be recordings of beauty hidden in the mundane, or an environment that has captured my imagination, I want to share them via this blog.
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  6. Unexplainable Store Reviews: Brain Wave Entrainment Software
    Unexplainable Store Reviews offers info on brain wave entrainment software, alpha brain waves music, theta brain waves music, brainwave sleep generator, self hypnosis lucid dreaming mp3, binaural beat brainwave entrainment download, brain wave therapy, binaural brainwave technology, binaural beat brainwave technology, brain entrainment frequencies and alpha brain waves binaural beats.
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  7. With Your Own Hands
    With Your Own Hands is a free online magazine that provides you access to self-help programs and products online (mindfulness, meditation, healing music and more) that will enhance your personal development and professional growth - in order to expand your opportunities and improve your quality of life in the present and in the future.
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