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    Technology news, reviews, geek stuff.
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  2. autoradioshop
    Économisez la moitié ou les deux tiers quand vous achetez votre autoradio dans notre boutique. Poste radio voiture, autoradio DVD, GPS, CD MP3.
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  3. Blog Auto Radio DVD Shop
    Économisez la moitié ou les deux tiers quand vous achetez votre autoradio dans notre boutique. Poste radio voiture, autoradio DVD, GPS, CD MP3.
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  4. Bluetooth Essentials
    Information about the high technology gadget that is the Bluetooth, and how it is turning to be one of the more important devices today.
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  5. Cellular Tech House
    All Information about cellphone software and application, wallpaper, ringtones and etc
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  6. Childhandprint
    You can't decide which product is right for you? We have a solution. On our website you'll find many useful tips and reviews. Your decision to buy a product will be much easier. Discover our posts and find out how to find fair price and best quality. As easy as anything, isn't it? Go to:
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  7. Der Megatrend: Smartwatch
    Infos zum neuen Mega-Trend "Smartwatch" inklusive preiswerte Alternativen zur Apple Watch.
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  8. Fonegard will Protect your Phone
    Bought a new phone? Worried about getting your phone stolen? Well, let us put an end to your worries with the introduction of an all new application for your phones- Fonegard. Wondering what is it all about? Answers to all your questions have been explained in the following few paragraphs.

    Fonegard is a mobile security app exclusively designed for your phone. It works in conjunction with a Bluetooth device. The application has been designed specifically to fight against the increase in the number of mobile phone robberies. Since the past few years, the reports on stolen phones have increased considerably. However, Fonegard has been developed to help you protect your cell phones.

    Travelling to crowded places must not bother you now. The moment your phone goes out of the Bluetooth range, the phone will sound, at full volume, a series of alarms, including shouts of ‘HELP, STOP THIEF’. All you have to do is install the application in your phone, buy a Bluetooth Device from Fonegard and sync the application with the Bluetooth.

    Whenever you visit a public place, you don’t feel safe enough. Just click on the START option on the Fonegard app before you leave. It will connect you to the Bluetooth device that you will purchase with the app. The moment your phone is out of the coverage area, the alarm will be activated. This will make the thief drop your phone off. The alarm will continue to ring for about three minutes and at the highest volume. This is designed to help you track and grab hold of the thief instantly.

    Furthermore, even if the thief tries to switch off the phone or remove the battery in order to stop the alarm, the app will deny access to the user until the password has been entered. You can later reset the system settings by entering your password. Hence, Fonegard is the ideal application to protect your phone from thieves.
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  9. iPanda Electronics Blog
    This blog discusses about the advantages of workout headphones, noise cancelling earbuds, Bluetooth speakers and headsets for experiencing a wireless living. iPanda Electronics is a manufacturer and wholesaler of quality electronic gadgets at affordable prices.
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  10. Mobile Marketing Blog
    Mobile Marketing Campaigns & Mobile Advertising News. Bluetooth Marketing & Proximity Marketing Updates.
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  11. Spy Bluetooth Earpiece in India
    These high revolutionary devices area unit out there in numerous form, size and specification. Our different Spy Bluetooth earpiece in Delhi merchandise together with Spy Bluetooth ear phone Set , spy Bluetooth shirt phone set, spy Bluetooth pen phone set, spy Bluetooth hair clip phone set and a lot of. The Earpiece, that is really a powerful electronics device, receives the audio signal via vibration from associate induction-type neck loop transmitter draped over the user’s shoulders.
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  12. The Electronics Info
    Top Electronics Gadgets in this week: Computer, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Camera, PMP, GPS etc. choosen by our editors.
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