September 24, 2020

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  1. 4 Trading Blunders in the AFL
    The AFL truly is a special kind of a game – it’s the best sport in the world to watch because it can be thrilling, intense and it’s tougher than any other ball sport in the world. It combines skill and strength, finesse and brawn and people of all shapes and sizes are suited to it.
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  2. AFL Blunders, afl funny fails, afl funny moments, afl funny videos
    Watching footy can bring up just about every kind of emotion imaginable. A single game can cause sheer joy, heartbreak, nerves, anger and relief all within a half an hour! But something that’s a bit rarer on the field is humour
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  3. Sales Autopsy
    Sales Horror Stories and their postmortems from Dan Seidman, one of the Top 12 Sales Coaches in America. Dan has collected over 600 selling blunders and writes for over 1 million readers a month
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