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  1. nature travel blog
    this is a travel blog of nature lovers
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  2. Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
    V-Model mandates the need for involvement of Software Testers from beginning of the Software Development life cycle.But in most of the cases, Software Testers are not having enough exposure to “business” background of the application.
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  3. Why Medical assessment is important before or during Ramadan for diabetic patients
    Fasting during Ramadan, a holy month of Islam, is a moral duty for all healthy adult Muslims. However, there are exceptions to this. Anyone who is ill or has medical conditions do not have to fast. This includes people with diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient and planning to fast, it is important that you speak to your diabetes healthcare team as early as possible before Ramadan begins.

    Here we are highlighting some possible metabolic complications and how you can manage them.

    Risks associated with fasting in patients with diabetes:


    Fall of blood sugar under the normal levels. Decreased food intake is a well-known reason for Hypoglycemia. How to Manage: Limit your physical activity during the fasting period and be more active after the sunset. Never miss your Suhoor meal and also consult with your doctor to modify medicine dosage & timings.


    Rise of blood sugar above normal levels. Overeating after the fast is broken is the main cause for this. How to Manage: Controlling the diet during Iftar meal. Check your blood sugar levels frequently throughout the day.


    Due to the lack of fluid intake as well as the hot and humid weather, one may suffer from dehydration. How to Manage: Aim to drink sugar-free and caffeine free drinks frequently throughout the evening and before dawn.

    Overall Management Goals During Ramadan Fasting:

    Click Here To More Information :
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  4. A bold pace -- running for our lives
    Womens running blog about staying in shape, connecting with long distance friends, running fashion, womens race series, running while travelling and more...
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  5. A Delve Through My Views
    Personal inventories and reviews
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  6. A Romance Re-Reader Blog
    Romance Book Reviews, ebooks, writing and opinions
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  7. A1 Info Mall
    Reviews Of The Top Information Products And Online Services
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  8. Achilles Pouts
    A Book Blog
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  9. All Books Revealed
    This is the first website to offer a rating system for the publishing industry (that I am aware of) that is comparable to the Classification and Rating Administration, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
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  10. Amazon Store
    Find the most best product from amazon only in
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  11. Ameritales
    Children's early interest in American history
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  12. APE Project Management
    APE Project Management is a website dedicated to providing a complete reference library for project managers. This includes professional laid templates, articles about project management topics, latest tools reviews and training opportunities.
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  13. April PPS Featured Authors
    Calling ALL #Readers APRIL Emerce Content FEATURED AUTHORS: Remarkable Read: Bullying, Self-Esteem and Teaching Your Kids About Acceptance! A Must Read: This Wealth of Knowledge Filled with Revolutionary Tools to Create a Blended Family of Support and Respect! Immediately Addictive Crime Thriller From The International Award Winning EMILY STONE SERIES! A Gumbo Full of Tragedies, Love, Laughter, Bad Behavior, Honest Mistakes, and Friendships That Will Last Forever! Totally Mind-Blowing Read: With Murder In Common, Friendship Is Inevitable! | GENRES: Children’s, Nonfiction Resource, Crime Thriller, Humor Comedy, Southern Fiction | TITLES: “If I Was A Bird...What Kind Of Flock Would I Fly With?”, “THE SECRETS TO STEPFAMILY SUCCESS”, “Dark Pursuit”, “Southern Fried Life”, “Pleasant Day” | AUTHORS: Peter Andrew Sacco, Gloria Lintermans, Jennifer Chase, David Luck, Vera Jane Cook |
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  14. Artist Obscure: 365 Days of Finding Myself
    365 Days, 365 sketches, 26 illustrations, 1 web page, no excuses.
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  15. Assisting Authors Online
    We help authors with their online presence. Our blog gives advice on every aspect of online book promotion and author branding. We have many services and are excited about our new service of formatting books in many formats including enhanced eBooks and distributing the formats to targeted sites among 48,000 including general and school libraries and brick and motor stores.
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  16. Audio Brain Food
    Downloadable audio talking books to save
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  17. Baby Books Guide
    This blog keeps you up-to-date with all the additions and changes to the web site. The site that guides you to finding the right book for your baby and about your baby.
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  18. Barbara's Journey Toward Justice
    To Bring About Awarenes Of The Death Penalty and Wrongful Convictions
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  19. Belly Fat
    how dieting should be done is one of the most difficult part of fitness because everybody has an urge to eat then they are hungry. The dieting is not easy for many people because they think that they have to starve to reach the weight loss goals that they want.

    The proper way of dieting is following a diet plan that allows you get enough

    energy when you need it and less in days that you are idle most of the time. The results may not be fast but, by planning your meals, you are getting the right amount of nutrition and losing weight at the same time.
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  20. Benston Blogs
    Author Blog
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