January 24, 2021

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  1. Digital Signage Advantages For Small to Mid Size Businesses
    Increase Business Profits for Your Small to Mid Size Business
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    The most fantastic and foolish in brand marketing
    Added on Apr 2, 2008 | 877 Views | 
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  3. Discount Designer Kids Wear
    Online store for discount designer kids wear. Quality brand names such as Guess, Gap, Catimini, Zara, DKNY & European made clothing.
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  4. End-customer connecting creative strategy
    Shining Consulting delivers extra benefit for Performing Biz Identity, Industrial Design, Branding, Shopper Billing & Retailing with qualitative research.
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  5. Ernie Designs - Designer in Orange County CA Ernie Designs
    Ernie Designs is an Orange County graphic designer providing design services world wide.
    Added on Mar 5, 2015 | 906 Views | 
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  6. Fails and Lies
    An Englishmen and Italians viewpoints come togethe ona digital wall we share thoughts on video, photography, humour, design, epic fails, art, travel, governments, news and anything else we find interesting
    Added on Apr 6, 2009 | 1126 Views | 
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  7. Fashion Fame: Leading way to latest Fashion Trends
    Fashion Fame provide information about latest trends in fashion, fashion products and fashion news of top designers, brands and stores.
    Added on Aug 31, 2009 | 1101 Views | 
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  8. Finding Sam Breakstone
    A lifetime of love of Breakstone dairy products turns out to be based on a myth created by Kraft Foods and advertising executives. What exactly is true about our food, its history and its quality?
    Added on May 6, 2011 | 1132 Views | 
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  9. For people with a common passion - cars
    Read trough latest news and car-reviews!
    Added on Jul 25, 2008 | 1227 Views | 
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  10. Fuel India
    You dream it and we deliver it. If you have a dream, we at Fuel India provide you with wings to help you soar high in the sky. Of all the companies mentioned in the event planning guide, Fuel India stands apart for its quality of work and performance. We are without doubt one of the leading event management companies in Bangalore. Right from one on one meeting to gala events that draw thousands of students, we conceptualize, organize and execute events with utmost proficiency and planning. This is what sets us apart from other event planning companies in Bangalore and across India. In simple words Fuel India is an efficient and effective organization that has your best at heart and works consistently in bringing your ‘dream events’ to life. It’s a one stop solution to all your event related issues. With our meticulous planning, attention to details and systematic execution we have won the hearts of leading institutions in the country. We are offering event management services in Bangalore and across India for over half a decade. ‘Career Utsav’- one of the signature events that we undertake has established us as the leading corporate event management companies across India. We have to our credits numerous successful educational events conducted. Riding on the bag of experience and passion for excellence we are eager to better ourselves with every event that we organize.

    Ever since its inception a little less than a decade back, Fuel India is one of the leading event management companies in India. We find ways and means to make your dream come true through our creative effort. Fuel India, led by Pradeep Naik, is the dynamic and dedicated event management company in Bangalore. Our reputation has reached across India. We are second to none in conceptualizing, organizing and executing an event. Our ability to think out of the box and perform beyond expectation has clichéd a name for us among the other leading event planning companies. Fuel India has been the talk of the town among the event planning companies ever since its inception a little less than a decade back. They say what goes round comes round our service in terms of event management has been highly appreciated by the leading brands across India. There is a considerable increase in the number of institutions who are availing our services. Our ability to conceptualize and execute and create original properties has made us the corporate event management companies in Bangalore and across India. The seamless effort with which Fuel India organizes educational events has made it a household name among the leading educational institutions of India.

    Career Utsav- a mega educational event in south India is the original property of Fuel India. Its success has won an incredible reputation for Fuel India both among the students and educational institutions. Thousands of students have benefited from career Utsav. Fuel India is a corporate organization that has humanistic values at its base. Fuel India’s charismatic approach to event organization has made it a brand name among brand management companies in Bangalore and across India. We, at Fuel India not only organize events but we also provide creative solutions to promotional events and create original properties reading the signs of time. For any company to be at the top it is very essential that it not only lends itself to changing times but should be able to read the signs of time and respond to it. If you have a product we at Fuel India offer you creative means of prompting it. This has made us one of the leading product promotional companies in India.
    Added on Feb 7, 2015 | 947 Views | 
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  11. How does a brand help?
    What is the one name that springs to your mind when you hear the catch line — 'Your Potential. Our Passion'? No brownie points for guessing this.
    Added on Mar 24, 2010 | 853 Views | 
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  12. Idea Sellers
    Everybody Sells... Either their ideas or products. Learn how to become more effective.
    Added on Mar 22, 2007 | 716 Views | 
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  13. Internet lifestyle Project
    Cutting Edge And Up To Date Uses Of The Internet to Improve Your Standard Of Life
    Added on Feb 5, 2010 | 907 Views | 
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  14. KCSA Blog
    KCSA Strategic Communications provides public companies and private organizations with decades of communications experience. We are a public and media relations agency, investor relations firm and creative marketing services firm - all under one roof. Working across many industries, including financial services, professional services, technology and life sciences, the firm's professionals focus on "results" and help companies enhance their brand image and awareness in an ever-changing communications and digital world.
    Added on Mar 29, 2012 | 1083 Views | 
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  15. Learn strategic business communication
    Jeannete's Blog tells why employee communications programs should embody the brand and foster a culture of communication that rallies employees around the mission and business goals of the company
    Added on Dec 11, 2009 | 803 Views | 
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  16. Makeup Reviews - Mineral Makeup Reviews
    Offering Makeup Reviews, Mineral Makeup, Natural Cosmetics, Skin Care And Makeup Brush News And Reviews. Makeup Brand And Mineral Makeup Brand Comparison Reviews and Blogs
    Added on Jun 9, 2009 | 987 Views | 
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  17. Marketing Ideas 101 - Great marketing ideas for small business and nonprofits.
    Ideas to market your business using branding, internet marketing, event marketing and creative marketing ideas. Drive traffic using best marketing strategies and tactics. Get more traffic with business marketing ideas by Marketing Ideas 101.
    Added on Jan 9, 2013 | 827 Views | 
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  18. Media and Entertainment
    Reputed to be the Best in the World of Entertainment
    Added on Feb 24, 2009 | 826 Views | 
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  19. One of the Best Designer Watches
    Important essence of life is to remember the “Moment” of “Time” that shows right path to choose and succeed
    Added on Jun 3, 2014 | 1170 Views | 
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  20. Pod Universal - Podcast on all subjects
    Podcast on all subjects including health, management, marketing, spaorts, current affairs, India Vision, culture, career
    Added on Jan 8, 2007 | 772 Views | 
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