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  1. Did you know that Historic Preservation is GREEN?
    The greenest building is one that is never built. Once they're gone, they're gone. All over this country, people are tearing down our past, our communities, and our livelihoods. They are building McMansions, and faceless, gutless commercial buildings, all in the name of the all-mighty dollar. They are mowing down fruit orchards, filling them with concrete, and throwing up condos.
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  2. Admissions |Exam Results | Educations | Training Institutes
    Student education blog created especially for Students. Here you can share and discuss, get information related to education. You can find out Admissions, Exam Results, Education Consultants, Training Institutes, Study Abroad, Student Career Guidance, personality development, seminar topics and much more. It is also helpful for every individual’s growth too.
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  3. ArchiTalk: A Personal Commentary on Architecture in Boston and Beyond
    This is my architecture commentary and criticism blog, on which I write my personal thoughts on various aspects of architecture, including individual landmarks, neighborhoods, new buildings, old buildings, buildings no longer standing, etc.
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  4. Beautiful Buildings
    Did you know Historic Preservation is "GREEN"? We are inspired by beautiful buildings. We create them, preserve them & love them.
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  5. BOXMAN fotologue
    photo taken around tokyo.
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  6. Dankuna - Travel attractions with GPS location
    Dankuna is travel blog about top attractions with GPS location. Website will be dedicated to providing exact location of top sights all over the world. Also you can post reviews of GPS devices.
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  7. Definitive Guide for Improving Indoor Air Quality – Air Testing
    Indoor air testing and detection of impure particles suspended in the air are definitely a laborious task but in order to keep a building and the rooms of a house safe and pollution-free, there are serious needs of air quality testing. We often tend to ignore the fact that due to air impurities almost more than seven million people die in the world every year due to respiratory ailments caused by moulds, termites, carpet dusts, pesticides and even room fresheners.

    There are many reputed air testing companies UK whose findings have revealed an astonishing fact that the rate of polluted air in the indoor areas is larger than the concentration of polluted air in the outdoor areas.

    What are some of the common allergens which must be removed from homes?

    Air testing services like the Southern Assessors have found out that there are active methods of improving indoor air quality:

    Proper air leakage tests must be conducted to understand and remove the primary and secondary source of pollutants
    air quality testing services also recommend to turn off heaters and air coolers once in a week to allow the smooth flow of natural air inside a room
    air testing in buildings also point out how strategic areas like the bathroom, kitchen sinks, building basement and the attics are areas which are prone to mould growth
    Building a comprehensive air-tightness test is necessary to understand where pollutants and termites are breeding, and to wipe them with disinfectants or vinegar
    Reputed air testing companies also point out that it is important to vacuum clean corner of rooms and balconies to stop the free flow of dusts
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    A free resource for studying drawing, painting, sculpture, buildings, towns, and cities- art and architecture are the primary content.
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  9. Green Buildings India
    Going by the green revolution that the world is, and particularly India is undergoing, it is only fair to realize that this massive movement is guided by green norms. Our country has for the most part, two green building rating systems to abide by- viz., GRIHA and LEED-INDIA.
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  10. Green Glass Buildings
    Glass performs agreeably with nature thereby, minimizing air, water and land pollution. Precisely the reason why green pundits will never fault glass on any score.
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  11. Green Living
    All About Complete green living Information : green building, sustainable buildings, how can you be eco friendly, environmental building. We also provide other information relating to green living Information such as Energy Efficiency, Green Living, Heating&Air Conditioning, Hybrid Energy Efficient, to supplement the information
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  12. Home Improvement
    Increasing home insulation creates a more comfortable living environment and lowers heating and cooling cost.
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  13. No Matter What Your Purpose, Steel Buildings Can Fit Your Needs
    When you want to build something, you want it to suit your particular needs. Maybe you need to build an office or a storage space, maybe you want to create a gym or a strip mall. If you're a contractor or a developer, it can help to have one method of building that allows you to create multiple kinds of projects.
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  14. Photography Blog
    photography blog showing my Photos of birds,wildlife, animals,buildings
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  15. Photography by Adam Bishop
    Tales of a wandering London photographer and other short stories
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  16. Six Cylinder Building Performance Blog
    Six Cylinder is a specialist consultancy in building performance, based in Southwest London. We have a passion for improving the environment and energy performance of buildings, and we love helping design teams achieve their sustainability goals. Our blog brings client and industry news and comments that are of interest to those who are responsible for buildings performance.
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  17. Speaking of People
    Blog- about the desires, interests and cares of real people. Celebrities are carefully omitted.
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  18. Steel Buildings, Metal Building Manufacturer :: Olympia Steel Buildings
    Olympia Steel Buildings, manufacturer of superior pre-engineered steel buildings, available factory direct and save! 1-888-449-7756. Stronger than traditional non-steel buildings. Excellent for steel warehouses, horse barns, riding arenas, steel industrial buildings.
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  19. Storage shed & machinery storage blog
    Post frame builder in Western Canada. Based in Alberta, also building in BC, Saskatchewn, Manitoba. We build indoor arenas, storage sheds, hangars, farm shops.
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  20. The Inner Circle
    Green Building Global Warming Window Film
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