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  1. Fourth down and 5
    blog about college football playoffs
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  2. Get experience and expertise simultaneously: SITM executive MBA program!
    Being known as the Oxford of East, Pune is home to some of the finest educational institutes in the country. Amidst the many institutes that claim to be offering MBA programs in Pune, symbiosis is the torchbearer of the league. Initiated with a vision to facilitate the growth of quality education at affordable price, Symbiosis has grown by leaps and bounds, adding to its cap several feathers in the form of institutions offering diverse specializations. The Symbiosis institute of telecom management is also one of them. As the name suggests, SITM’s key area of focus is the telecommunication segment. Needless to say telecom is growing fast and telecom service are gradually emerging as the backbone of the economy. However, in order to be able to support this growth, we need professional talent as well.

    This is where SITM comes into picture as the best institutes focused on creating a credible talent pool of professionals for the industry. The institute started out as a place for full time post-graduation courses. However, now it offers full time MBA as well as part time Executive MBA options. Yes! Both the programs are conducted at the Lavale campus in Pune. While the full time MBA is ideal for people who have the time and are fresh from their graduation. But for those who have already established their base and been through the thick and thin of the industry, taking a two year sabbatical from job to pursue a full time MBA may not seem a worthwhile option. After all, once you step out of the industry, you become out of touch with the pace of growth that it follows.

    For such students, SITM has introduced the part time Executive MBA program. Now, you may want to ask what is so special about an executive MBA program. For starters, unlike its counterparts in other institutes, SITM offers an executive MBA program that is in accordance to the industry standards. Everything from the subjects to be included to the module of teaching to be implemented is planned only after taking feedback from the industry. This will ensure that what you are learning is in tandem with what the industry needs.

    Additionally, the program is conducted by expert faculty that brings on board a lot of valuable experience. Some of them have also served in the industry and then shifted to the academic domain. Occasionally, SITM also invites industry experts to conduct sessions so that the participants get a chance to learn from first hand experience sharing.

    However, the best part about the SITM Executive MBA program is that participants don’t have to leave their job to pursue their academic ambition. All you need to do is balance your professional and academic life. SITM executive MBA class timings don’t clash with your work timings allowing you to do both things simultaneously. Also, this empowers you to add experience as well as expertise to your portfolio at the end of the program.
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  3. Graduate degree programs in Massage Therapy
    New York College of Health Professions is an exemplary Massage Therapy School that offers students a 72- credit Massage Therapy Program and grants its graduates an accredited Associate in Occupational Studies degree.
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  4. Guide to College Life & Colleges Online
    A guide to learning, college admissions, university life, graduate schools, financial aid, K12 education, and more.
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  5. Hawkeye Hoops
    Hawkeye Hoops, your no.1 resource for Iowa University's best basketball team.
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  6. Higher Education Blog
    Creatrix Campus provides a better way to education management with a fully customizable cloud ERP solution for schools and higher education to meet their strategic goals.
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  7. Hired Monkey
    Hire me to do anything!
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  8. Holistic Health education
    The Graduate School of Oriental Medicine at New York College of Health Professions offers an ACAOM accredited ten-trimester, 185-credit program from which successful students graduate with a combined Bachelor of Professional Studies/Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine.
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  9. How to market yourself for a new job
    Education tips about employment
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  10. I Write This In Hopes Of
    My attempts at converting vague and abstract thoughts into keyboard strokes
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  11. IIBS Bangalore Kolkata Noida
    The International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS), has campuses in Bangalore, Kolkata and Noida. IIBS aims to prepare a global talent engine, capable of bringing success in any business environment and to establish a fresh direction for education.
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  12. Institute Of fashion Design
    WLCI College - WLCI Fashion School is one of the largest Fashion design college in India with campuses in 25 cities. The WLCI Fashion School is a best design fashion institute in the country.
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  13. Intelligent Humor
    A Collection of Internet Humor Writers Laying it out for Your Entertainment
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  14. International Institute of Business Studies
    The institute offers full time degree in MBA and a PGP in Business Management. The curriculum at IIBS is constantly designed and redesigned and suited to the institute’s corporate partners in order to develop the student’s capabilities.
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  15. ISMR Pune
    International School of Management and Research (ISMR) is one of the best BSchool in pune. Programmes offered by ISMR include MBA, PGDBM, PGDM, MPM, MMM, PGPBM and PGPFM.
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  16. It's My Virtual Soapbox
    Random thoughts and musings of an Australian University student
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  17. Jumping Offsides
    All sports all the time. Join Verb and The GM as they discuss sports daily through the blog and on their weekly podcast.
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  18. Kaihen - Tapping into the Funny internet
    Daily updated funny link lists, a triweekly videoblog, and other interesting/funny stuff.
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  19. Kings of Sports
    Opinionated sports talk from a younger prospective
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  20. kyle
    This is my first ever blog: a compilation of my stories. It is a repository of my different perspectives about life, and of course, (my most treasured) gaming strategies that I use whenever I play.
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