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  1. Nonillion
    A blog following the thought and stories of a Christian college student
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  2. Online Basketball Coaches' Club
    Join this club to share information on offense, defense, program building, youth development and more. We have notes from NBA, college, high school, and hall of fame basketball coaches. Join this resource today!
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  3. Online College Blog
    Resource for online college information
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  4. Online courses integrated learning platform university education
    Find online courses e learning resources d2l integrated learning platform language and university virtual classes for education
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  5. Pentagon Education Services Blog
    Pentagon Educational Services is one of the leading educational consultants based in Bangalore, offering expert guidance to parents & students with regard to education in different reputed universities & educational institutions.
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  6. Poor Student
    A site for students worried about money while in school and want to learn more.
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  7. Pre-Med Life at UCLA
    Life as a pre-med at UCLA: classes, doctors, hospital, los angeles, westwood, religion, thoughts, opinions, every day happenings
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  8. Preparing for your final interview of SITM
    So, you have given your SNAP test, scored well and have finally got the coveted call to the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management in Pune. You are all happy and excited but is the end of the story that will suffice when it comes to building a rewarding career in the domain of telecom management.
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  9. Prescription For Bliss
    Felling good and getting better
    Added on Dec 29, 2005 | 975 Views | 
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  10. Procedure to Apply School of Massage Therapy
    All applicants for the School of Massage Therapy who have graduated from high school must have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.0, or have equivalent qualifications. A high school diploma or equivalency certificate is required to sit for the New York State Massage Therapy Licensing exam.
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  11. PU Colleges in Bangalore
    Aditya PU College is a new venture from Aditya Institutions. The college offers Pre University program for 1st PUC & 2nd PUC. It identifies intellectual competence, personal growth. We aid the realization of the same by emphasizing rigor in the pursuit of academic brilliance and goals.
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  12. Put Me Through College!
    A kid in upstate New York is tracking his college experience and asking for minor donations to help him afford Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
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  13. re:THINK
    re:THINK, The Extended Campuses of Northern Arizona University's blog, discusses and answers what really matters to the modern non-traditional college student.
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  14. Real Men Wash Tights
    family comedy and observations
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  15. Sample essay about myself
    sample essay about myself for college, law school, medical school, MBA, and graduate school admissions
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  16. SEC Football Blogger
    A blog for SEC Football fans to come and read about their favorite team and favorite conference. You can also vote on a poll or watch an SEC video. The blog is for the fans.
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  17. Sharing From Afar
    follow a college freshman survive sharing 250 sq feet of living space, getting homework done, figuring out a major and oh yeah, having a life.
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  18. Shemford Blog
    News of Indian education sector, admission notifications, parenting tips and exam results from schools and universities.
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  19. Shibooya
    The modest and sometimes humorous blog of a fulltime college student.
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  20. SITM: Unlocking your potential as the industry ready professional!
    When the telephone was invited, Graham Bell gave birth to an industry that would redefine the very nature of communications. What started with a simple telephone has grown to include several mediums of communication like The internet, SMS and tons of other options. In fact, today communication has evolved into a major industry. This industry is in need of well trained professionals who are able to take up the challenging roles of a manager. The regular MBA course is enough if you want to understand the objective of management. But, if you are planning to build a career in the domain of telecom management, the general MBA is not going to take you very far.

    This is where the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management steps into the picture. With a management program developed specifically to cater to the needs of telecom professionals, SITM MBA programs help students acquire the much needed edge over their competitors making them eligible for better job opportunities. From the latest technical advancements to the managerial principles that can make a difference to the way a business is being conducted, the SITM MBA takes care of every detail. The MBA in Telecom management is a one of its kind course that is currently amongst the top notch institutions that is working hard towards developing a credible talent pool for the telecom sector.

    The program is developed after taking advice from industry professionals. This ensures that the industry is constantly updated with talent well versed to handle the challenges being thrown at them as their role of a manager. Admissions to the MBA in Telecom management happen through the SNAP test. It is a centrally conducted tests that checks the managerial aptitude of students. However, SITM also offers executive MBA program. This is specially developed options that caters to the need of professionals who have the experience but lack the expertise or qualification. The SITM executive MBA program is conducted during a time period that is convenient for professionals.

    In simple terms, professionals taking up the executive MBA don’t have to bother about leaving their jobs to study. They can get back to the classroom without having to carry the baggage of losing out on their experience. Also, the program is conducted by experts. These experts are seasoned academicians. Some of them are expert professionals with thorough industry experience. This allows them to share relevant insights that will help you evolve as professionals as well as an individual.

    As far as the admissions to the executive MBA program is concerned, students need to apply directly. These applications are shortlisted and those who make it are invited to the round of personal interview and group discussion that follows. So, if you are aspiring for a better career and want to become eligible for better job opportunities, applying to SITM could be the key that unlocks a plethora of opportunities for you!
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