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  1. |CHIBI | MYFRIENDISCHIBI | COMICS | 19Cerita | Free downloads |
    'Blog Krisna Ilafat membuat teman tertawa blogs, comics blog spot, komik blogspot, 19chibi, 19cerita, selamanya gratis'
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  2. A Comical Journey
    B. Austin Price is a new father, a full-time office worker, and a freelance review writer at, where he is a top-reviewer for the books category. He is a writer of poetry and is working on his novel that he started over 15 years ago...yes, he is that distract-able!
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  3. About Comics
    A little blog about writing for comics
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    Personal blog made of editorial caricatures by Marc Pageau, caricaturist in Canada. Dark humour at its best!
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  5. Aroundtable exciting Movie, Music and Comic Review site that will bring you concise yet straight to the point reviews. We are just regular guys bringing you reviews of the most current movies, DVD/Blu-Rays, music, and comics.
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  6. Brain Bounce
    Funny comics and cartoon humor by Ira Coffin covering a wide variety of subjects. Funny Cartoon Humor can be good way to help bounce our brains out of that place many of us get stuck in and humor in my opinion is a useful tool to combat the normal day to day stress and general crap that plagues many of us. Laugh loud, Laugh often read a funny comic or cartoon and have a super cartoon humor day.
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  7. Bytes And Banter
    A blog with a satirical and humorous view about the current,past and future ongoings in the world.Better read than said, we write to express, entertain and educate. Do take time to go through the blog. Your feedback is valuable to us.
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  8. CDiddles Media Mania
    A general mish-mash of various media, movies, television, books, comics, music, examined in a general mish-mash of loose criticism and contemplation.
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  9. Comic 1
    Comic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics are listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site is both to help webcomic readers to find comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. The target audience is webcomic readers & fans.
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  10. Comic Book Artist Dennis Sweatt
    Comic Book Art by Dennis M. Sweatt, drawing, creating superheroes and villains for web comics. Pin-up female superheroes.
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  11. Comic Book Talk
    A great newsource for all the latest on comics.
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  12. Comic Book: Xavian Gubora
    If you like stories where the villain wins and alien takeover then you come to the right place. Xavian Gubora, a college student born into a life of never-ending war and death. With his planet submerged into its 4th world war, there seems to be no end in sight to the bloodshed. Filled by greed and wanting to get an edge on their enemy the Allied force enacts two plans in hopes of defeating the Axis force. For their first plan they make contact with a comet passing by their planet, home to an alien race known as the Ophiosisens in hopes of using them as military soldiers to defeat the Axis forces.Upset by the contact made from the Allied Force the Ophiosisens invade Xavian’s planet and begin to abolish all of the advanced species on the planet. For their first attack, the Ophiosisens emit spores into the planet’s atmosphere that when inhaled the host body is taken over and turned into Ophiosisen-like creatures. With no telling who is contaminated or not soldiers from the Allied and Axis Force begin to turn on each other while the Ophiosisens continue to annihilate the advanced species.
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  13. comics 18+
    free download comics with
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  14. Comics Forever
    News, stories, movies and photos of all the latest in comic book and superhero happenings. Catch up with the latest in the Marvel Universe, DC Universe and other comic books. Updates in science fiction movies and tv shows. Look for comic book collecting tips and updates of new comic releases.
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  15. comics free download
    comics free download Free share comics for download Marvel , DC comic , anime and all
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  16. - A Photo Essay of the Art of Cosplay is a Photo Essay of the Art of Cosplay. As a photoblog, posts few words and many images of Cosplayers at regional events. Cosplay is a popular hobby for artistic spirits with a passion for comics, fandom, cartoons, animation and costume play. Cosplay is one of the defining terms of the "nerd" culture. If you haven't heard of Cosplay, don't fret. Many haven't. You are most likely not a nerd. In short, the word is a combination of “costume” and “play".
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  17. Cult Press
    Geek News including film, music, comics, tv & gadgets
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  18. D&D Dragonlance Gaming Blog
    News and reviews of Dragonlance and or Dungeons and Dragons products, DM advice, and information on the ongoing game I run.
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  19. Drunken Comics Rage
    Getting drunk and angry at writers, artists, distributors, publishers, movies, and all things comics for 20 years.
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  20. Ebooks/Movies/Softwares/Games
    Free ebooks
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