January 22, 2021

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  1. Suite 303 Server
    This is a Blog dedicated to expose all kinds of good music artists, genres and all kinds of propositive styles, including reviews of CD's, parties and concerts, there's a little bit of electronic music, jazz, experimental, rock.
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  2. Take That
    This is the most popular blog for Take
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  3. The Fanarchist
    When one talks about online ticketing, ticketing fees are never left out of the conversation. Anyone who wishes to purchase tickets for a concert, an event, a trade show or any other event from the internet will HAVE to pay some fees for the same.

    We at Fanarchist are totally against this concept of “Taxing” the concert goers just to make a living for ourselves. This is why we have started this blog to make everyone aware about the facts and latest scenario of the ticketing industry. We have created this platform to criticize and protest about the disgraceful fees that online ticketing companies charge to attend an event. We will talk about ‘booking’, ‘handling’, ‘postage’ fees and all other sundries that should just be part and partial to our ticket price.

    If you are fed up with the overpriced tickets and high ticketing fees, then join us on this movement and share your comment and views with this blog.

    Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for latest information and updates.
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  4. The Mixdiggerz mixed music blogs aggregator.
    Mixed mp3 blogs aggregator. The latest discoveries and updates of Mixed mp3 blogs aggregator. The latest discoveries and updates of mixes, dj live sets, podcasts, mixtapes, live concerts around the web. around the web.
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  5. Urban Blog
    My Urban Blog about Metro Manila Living, Sports, Food, Photography and Anything Experience
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