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  1. 1st in FASHION Accessory | Modeling | Design | Hairstyle | Beauty Tips
    If you are looking for tips in Fashion Accessory, Modeling, Design, Sedu HairStyles, Womens Health and Beauty, Anti Aging Skin Care here is the place
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  2. Accessory Fanatic Blog
    Accessory Fanatic is an online fashion jewelry and accessory company who's mission is to empower women through fashion. Our purse friendly pricepoints allow women to look and feel like a million dollars without breaking the budget. We're keeping the world beautiful one fashion accessory at a time.
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  3. Bloggety blog bloggety blog
    I'm a mum of two that loves to blog about random things.
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  4. costume jewelry suppliers
    Owed to the high appeal of the costume jewelry, now days in various film awards special categories are designated for the best designs in costumes and jewelry.
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  5. Dog Boutique - Designer Doggy Boutique- High Class Fashion for your doggy!
    PoshPuppyBoutique Blog for dog boutiques, dog collars, dog apparels. dog fashions.
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  6. Dog Boutique, Pet Store Doggy Boutique, High Class Fashion For Your Doggy
    A majority of dog lovers want to show their love for their loving dogs like anything. They do all kinds of things (buying designer dog costumes, fashion accessories, and dog toys) to keep their dog happy. Even after doing all that they want a way to show their commitment and love for their fur babies.
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    If you need Fabrics, try us !
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  8. Fashion Blog & Costume Jewelry Blog
    Jewelry & Fashion Tips Tricks & Help
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  9. Fashion jewelry: Wood is the new gold
    I still remember when my mommy used to tell me that there’s nothing like gold jewelry to make a woman feel on top of this world. Really? I always wondered? Because I have always loved those chunky and funky fashion accessories, handcrafted pieces, costume jewelry that stands out from the rest. Especially those carved in wood are simply exquisite in the way they look and cast a spell.

    Unlike gold jewelry, these wooden jewelry items are not too expensive yet they are high on glam quotient. The best part – you can wear them with almost all kinds of outfits and for any occasion and they would just look apt.

    Wood as a material for fashion accessories is like the newest trend and women particularly are in love with it because it’s easy-to-wear and anyone can carry it off effortlessly. You really don’t need to worry about the delicate chains or strings, as this wooden pieces are quite simple yet so stylish.

    Another highlight of these costume jewelry items made in wood is that they have peculiar tribal feel to it and women who wish to experiment with their accessory wardrobe can’t miss but check this collection out. You’d see a strong connotation of tribal cultures in most of these jewelry items made out of wood.

    You actually can’t miss noticing the striking patterns and carvings done on wooden base that bring out the exquisiteness of these pieces. So intricate and eye-catchy that they go on to become the ultimate style statement.

    Also, the use of earthy tones in these to wooden fashion accessories just makes them look unique. Wear them once and you’d realize how different they look from those usual vibrant fashion accessories that everyone around would be wearing.

    What I personally like and endorse about these statement pieces is that you don’t need to be too picky while matching them with particular outfits. Being in neutral shades, almost every piece made in wood would go well with any outfit you pick. So that makes your job even simpler and hassle free.

    I am sure next time you head out to shop for these affordable fashion jewelry items, you surely would want to check out and buy some made exclusively in wood. No wonder, wood is the newest gold that is driving women around the globe crazy.
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  10. Fernexpression blog forum – fernexpress yourself while looking, listening, learning & laughing.
    Fernexpression blog forum – fernexpress yourself while looking, listening, learning & laughing.
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  11. Finders Keepers Jewelry Blog
    The Finders Keepers Jewelry’ blog features articles on women’s costume jewelry and accessories, new arrivals and tips & ideas to wear the right style jewelries like vintage inspired charms bracelets, cross rings, turquoise and tribal necklaces, Christian pendants, earrings and many more for a stylish look.
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  12. Hannah Montana - Miley Cyrus Fans!
    Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus news, photos, episodes, videos, etc.. For every Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus fan!
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  13. How to Make Your Own Costumes and Masks for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Dress Up
    Patterns for making costumes, makeup recipes, ideas for Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes and fancy dress for kids and adults.
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  14. myriadlifeonthemarket
    Blog describing life as a market trader, the highs, the lows, the characters, story of a sole trader
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  15. Selecting the Perfect Costume
    Tips and ideas for choosing your Halloween Costume. Fabrics, Costume construction, Quality, Fit and Style. Ideas for making your costume complete with hats, wigs, gloves, stockings and all the accessories.
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  16. Whodunnit Mystery Games Blog
    Offering Whodunnit Mystery game discounts, party tips, ideas, costume suggestions, and ways to make your Whodunnit, or other parties memorable
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  17. Youthful Antiquarian
    Bringing the experiences and joy of Antiques & Collectibles to the masses
    Added on May 28, 2010 | 1225 Views | 
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