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  1. "Reputation | Reputation Company | Online Reputation Management "
    This material stands apart from everything else I’ve read on the subject.The treatment will benefit anyone trying understand the topic even they r new to it.
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  2. A Way to connect during Midlife Crisis Midlife Bridge
    Personal experience and stories about midlife crisis for men and woman. Bridge as an example way to get through it. help links and resources to get through crisis, relationship help, family help, divorce, separating, affairs, solutions, insight, advice, self-help, steps to find bliss again, self evaluation, personal change, personal growth.
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  3. Actuary-Info
    Non-conventional, witty, remarkable, or serendipitous news, about the actuarial 'sidtes' of life.
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  4. aid4families confronts corruption
    Indicted family assistance program
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  5. Associate Money
    To be financially secure, we have to learn how and what decisions to make about our finances. I write this personal finance blog to share investment and money saving/management tips. Not to forget, making friends around the blogosphere too.
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  6. Book Reviews
    Find Book Reviews of best seller’s authors. Here is a great collection of quiality reviews of popular books and authors.
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  7. Classic Anime Reviews
    Classic Anime Reviews is the only blog dedicated to bringing you reviews on classic anime from the 80's.
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  8. Don't Beat Around the Bush, jump Into It
    Crisis. A word most corporations dread. The same word is seen by a chosen few as a miracle of sorts. When the walls start closing in and the drama starts to unfold, those chosen few instead of by-passing the responsibility, dive head on and turn misery into opportunity. That is the key word of innovation. Everything new is a challenge. Fire can protect and destroy, so can wind, water, soil. The elemental difference lies in the utilization. There are rivals in every industry and they are faced with almost the same problems as you are. Whether it be the failure to perform or to meet a deadline, the core concerns relate to a client’s reactions. Instead of shirking responsibility and launching into blame game mode the superiors must take charge lead from the front. These are trademark leadership qualities that pave way for the rest to follow. The following should be kept in mind while engaging in crisis management.

    1. It is just another situation. While it’s important to give due credit to everything, it’s harmful to judge something more critically than required. This understanding is achieved through experience. Overanalysing often leads to waste of time and a premature death of a perfectly good solution. See. Understand. Act.

    2. Do not assume that things will fix themselves. It requires a conscious effort to get the ball rolling, to keep it on track and even bigger one to put it back on after it veers away. Sometimes PR tactics backfire. Clearly quick fixes to control fallout are the ideal solution. However, this must not be devoid of the knowledge that when the crises blows over, the shortcomings must be analysed to avoid repetition in the future.

    3. Hold yourself accountable. A PR person’s job is to connect ends and ensure they flourish. It’s an intricate web of connections that need to be followed up. If anyone of this snaps, it can lead to a domino effect, snapping at some old ties. In such times, silence is your biggest enemy. Always prioritise in reaching out to the old clientele that has stuck with the firm’s services longest. An official statement ensures that the party is still in the game and retains faith of the stakeholders.

    4. Regulate the team’s state of mind. Unless there is unity in approach a half-baked solution can adversely affect or even further spoil a strategy.

    5. Do not allow for multiple solutions to be executed at the same time. The trick is one step at a time. So ensure that everyone is on the same page, including the official spokesperson of the client so that any rogue comments to do attack one’s own strategy in fly by mode.

    6. Lastly, but not the least, undertake a thorough study of the reasons for failure of subsequent success of the PR project.

    Crisis can be avoided, sure. But when it cannot, and it sometimes doesn’t, since it’s not an exact science and sociology can only take you so far. In such times, the sustenance depends upon constant evaluation and to inculcate an approach that personal investment is necessary to tackle emergency situations with ease. Pressure building is essential to releasing pressure.
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  9. El Blog de Steven Philp
    Blog dedicated to general topics (spanish)
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  10. G20 – An economically significant global institution
    Set up with the aim of strengthening the global economy and reforming international financial institutions, The Group of Twenty (G20) comprises 19 countries and the European Union.
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  11. How To Cope With Midlife Crisis Symptoms
    Visit Learn step-by-step what it takes to have an Amazing Life After 50 where you get what you really want.
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  12. Jobenomics
    Jobenomics - The bomb shelter for your investment portfolio- written by one of John McCain's former economic advisor, unveils the true economic meltdown we will face if we do not create 20,000,000 new American jobs in the next 10 years.
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  13. Just Ask Asa! Aarons
    Thousands of answers and helpful contacts for consumers
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  14. Male Midlife Crisis provides commentary on issues men face including midlife crisis, male menopause and finding life purpose. Written from a woman's unique perspective.
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  15. New York's Transportation Crisis
    Traffic drifting affects the life and co operations of residents and their use of street space. More traffic retards communal interactions and street activities. People head to walk and cycle less when traffic is large. Flourishing traffic in city areas is linked with a growing number of accidents and mortalities, especially in advanced countries.
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  16. news economy
    Read about news economic and crisis
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  17. Northern Lights PR Blog
    The PR blog features blogs on how to shape and develop communications strategies for clients in the professional services, business, education, health, communities and third sectors. We write about topics such as new ways to win business, media training for your key spokespeople, topical PR issues, how to get the most out of social media, internal communications to help manage a major restructure, strategic crisis communications advice, creative ‘grassroots’ campaign to reach new audiences
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  18. Public Relations Blog by Ashwani Singla
    Reputare is a blog by Ashwani Singla, the CEO of Genesis Burson-Marsteller, a leading public relations firm in India. At Reputare, the views expressed here are entirely my own and covers topics like digital communication, crisis communication, public relations and more.
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  19. QFINANCE - Blogs
    Finance related trends, hot topics and breaking news meet with the opinions of some of the greatest business minds around the globe.
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  20. Reputation Management Company
    This material stands apart from everything else I’ve read on the subject.The treatment will benefit anyone trying understand the topic even they r new to it.
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