January 28, 2021

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  1. ADHD
    Coping With ADHD
    The advantages and disadvantages of medication
    What behaviour changes need to be made
    How families can cope with an ADHD person
    How to parent an ADHD child
    Building your ADHD child’s self-esteem
    Why your child is so angry and how to defuse that anger
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  2. Break Up Advice
    Break up, divorce...You may find it difficult to believe that most relationships can be salvaged.
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  3. dealing life
    Stop worrying about what's going on with your life. Let's enjoy life while we still can!
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  4. Dealing with Kids Nightmares: "Mommy There's A Monster Under My Bed"
    The room is pitch black...The big hairy monster with big beady eyes is coming closer. Slowly.. slowly the monster walks towards towards the dark room. The hairy green monster opens his mouth showing his sharp teeth...Inch by inch he prepares to strike his prey...In the silence of the dark room, the poor boy is sitting up in bed, paralyzed. He cant move, he tries to open his mouth but only a squeek comes out! All he could hear is his heart beating so fast! The monster is getting closer, your child is shaking. Then as the big monster prepares to take hold of his prey...then the light turned on! The monster is gone! Poof! Vanished!

    Is this happening to youor child? How do you deal with your children's nightmares? Is there a way you can stop your child's monster nightmares?
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  5. How to deal with terrible twos'
    How to deal with terrible twos'
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  6. Independent Investor
    Independent Investor specialises in comparing and reviewing online financial spread betting, share trading and Contract for difference (CFD), forex brokers.
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  7. What to Do When Your Partner Wants Out
    Breakup Advice, Marriage Separation Advice, Relationship Advice
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