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  1. *Health and Nutrition Facts*
    A website created with all information on health and nutrition. Topics range from weight loss diets to alternative herbal medicine. This site is updated every week, so remember to subscribe for the newsletter and come back soon.
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  2. 10 Guidelines on Correct Healthy Eating
    Healthy Eating Doctor Mumbai

    The nutritional suggestions that follow are not meant to replace any other diet information you may be pursuing. In fact, if you’re interested in cleaning up your eating habits, I encourage you to speak with a well-trained nutritionist or health care professional. Another option is to read some of the more credible nutrition books out there.

    When it comes to food, I know all too well how easy it is to read about the correct course to take but how hard it can be to shift your relationship with food and change your daily eating habits. Like so many people, I work hard to maintain my appropriate weight and have a tendency toward compulsive eating. This shocks people, because they often assume that a life committed to weight loss removes one from the common pitfalls and challenges of being human. I assure you it doesn’t, and can prove it: My greatest adversaries are Doritos and Frito Lays!

    Being a holistic medical doctor, I recommend that patients ask themselves a critical question before every meal: “Is this what I would eat if my life depended on it?” Let me point out that it always does! With this advisory in mind, I offer the following guidelines for healthy eating:

    1. Do not eat to the brim.

    The Yoga approach for eating properly is to fill your stomach with half food, one quarter water, and one quarter air. This ensures you will leave the table satisfied but not too full, without that bloated feeling. (You should never have to loosen your belt to feel com fortable while or after eating.)

    2. Eat in a relaxed, calm, and stress-free environment.

    Avoid eating when you are upset, anxious, or rushed. Eliminate such distractions as TV, reading, and confrontational encounters.

    3. Eat less.

    As we get older, our metabolism tends to slow down, and we need fewer calories to maintain our health and weight. But learning to eat less cannot be accomplished by following the latest fad diet. It simply means that over time, you will benefit from slowly training yourself to choose smaller portions of healthier foods and to walk away when you’re not quite full.

    4. Chew well.

    Efficient digestion is crucial to overall good health, and the digestive process starts in the mouth.

    5. Fast a little bit each day.

    The ancient Yoga philosophy suggested fasting for several days on end, which is not practical for our modern-day lifestyles. However, refraining from eating for three to four hours before you sleep is a healthy way to avoid heartburn, which can be uncomfortable and damage your esophagus and throat. You could also concentrate on fasting between meals—skipping the snacks in between (unless your doctor recommends otherwise). You’ll receive hunger signals when your body genuinely needs more nutrients, along with messages from your body about what nutrients it really needs. This helps you get in tune with your body.

    6. Eat regularly and don’t skip meals.

    Eating a good healthy breakfast is a great way to start off your day, to enhance clear thinking and energize you for Yoga and other physical activities.

    7. Go slowly.

    After each bite or two, put your utensils down and ask your self: Am I still hungry?

    8. Choose a wide variety of foods.

    Have at least five servings of fruits or vegetables every day as recommended by most nutritionists.

    9. Emphasize whole foods and avoid prepackaged foods.

    Try to avoid processed meats (such as sausage, bacon, and ham) as well as foods with additives and artificial ingredients, which can be detrimental to your health.

    10. Water

    Drink a lot of regular water – from the tap or filtered water free of impurities.

    Just remember that with every step you take toward healthier eating habits, your life will be enhanced. Whatever relief you’re seeking, whatever physical, mental, and emotional changes you’re after — they are likely to become reality much sooner if your food choices are consistent with good health practices.

    Note: Feel free to republish this article on your own blog or website but please copy paste the below ‘Author Credits’ and include it at the bottom of your post or page. Thank you.

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  3. APP Endorses New Meningococcal Vaccination
    MCV is recommended for all children at their routine preadolescent check-up at 11-12 years of age. For those who never got a dose previously, a dose is recommended at high school entry or at about age 15 years.
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  4. Articles of Health by Dr. Pat Nardini, Naturopathic Doctor
    Dr. Pat Nardini, Naturopathic Doctor and Thyroid Specialist offers expert insight into preventing and treating health conditions with a natural approach to medicine and lifestyle choices. Follow Dr. Nardini and learn how to take back your optimal health.
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  5. Ayurveda School Blog
    Our Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.
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  6. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
    Baby bottle tooth decay is caused by prolonged contact with almost any liquid other than water. The condition can stem from putting your baby to bed with a bottle of formula, milk, juice, soda.
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  7. Body Swelling - Causes and Treatment
    Swelling is normal and is a normal process of the body healing itself and you should not worry too much. If there is a cut or an open wound then you should treat it with an antiseptic. Other than that the swelling is normal and will subside in a few days.
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  8. Brain Enhancement News
    The Smartkit website strives to bring you expert, up-to-date information on how achieve brain enhancement.
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  9. Causes of vomiting in Infants
    Vomiting often has a benefit since it provides a way for the body to get rid of potentially harmful substances. However, medications and methods to induce vomiting are no longer recommended, even if an infant or child has ingested a harmful substance.
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  10. Center of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Excellence
    Trust the experienced physicians at the Center of Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Excellence in West Jordan for caring orthopedics and sports medicine. Our compassionate orthopedic specialists and surgeons have the expertise to help you achieve excellent rehabilitation and health.
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  11. Clinic Management System
    The Doctor and Clinic Management System Software is the cloud based clinic management system from the Summit Tech. It assists the hospital’s administrative staff in monitoring and streamlining organization’s activities. A Cloud based software solution is easy to implement. It is economical when compared against the solutions that makes the user invest in hardware, IT staff and the proprietary softwares.
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  12. Derek Vitalio's Corner
    Derek Vitalio, one of the foremost PUAs and dating advisors today discusses seduction, dating, sex, and relationships in this up and coming seduction and relationships site. Powerful content for anyone learning or perfecting his game.
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  13. Diabetes Watch Blog
    Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder which causes the body to attack the beta cells
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  14. Do's and Don'ts
    Short useful do's and don’ts for several diseases to get cured easily and stay healthy with improved medical conditions
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  15. DocRep Blog - Read Articles about Doctor Reputation Management
    DocRep Blog - Read Articles about Doctor Reputation Management, how to remove my name from Google, doctor ratings and review, and more.
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  16. Doctor Jokes Humor and Satire
    Doctor Jokes, Humor and Satire
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  17. Doctor Mercola Blog with Reliable Natural Health Articles
    Doctor Mercola blog provides only the hottest natural health articles that give reliable information and beneficial truths on any of your health concerns.
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  18. Doctor Salary
    A Snapshot of Physician Incomes and Salaries in USA and all around the world, along with Lifestyle and other issues sprinkled with other things funny and interesting The Blog serves as a good reference for medical students and medical graduates planning their career as physicians !
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  19. Doctor Who by James
    Doctor Who
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  20. Doctors Oklahoma
    Finding a doctor that cares for you and your family might seem archaic now but was the norm a few decades ago.
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