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  1. Social media sheds light on substance abuse addiction

    When it comes to the global village that makes up our social media interactions, the idea that millions, perhaps even billions, of teens are addicted to this form of communication has always been close behind. Take, for instance, the PC-based mmorpg World of Warcraft – a game which for the last decade has continued to capture the hearts and minds (and most of all, time) of gamers all over the world, has also navigated some tricky territory when news reports began popping up every now and again of players dying from malnutrition and dehydration because they couldn’t tear themselves away from this fantasy world, its unpredictable world, and the inherent player interactions. Likewise, social media sites such as Facebook induce similar addiction mentalities within its members (again, numbering in the billions), a facet that psychologists at the University of Albany have further illuminated in a recent study published in the December issue of Addiction on impulse-control issues and substance abuse addiction.

    According to a Huffington Post article, “The researchers surveyed 253 undergraduate students, asking questions about their social media use, Internet addiction, emotion regulation and alcohol use. They found that roughly 10 percent of users experience ‘disordered social media use,’ meaning that they exhibit addictive behaviors in the way they use platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To assess disordered social media use, the researchers included questions that reflected modified diagnostic criteria for alcohol dependence, such as, ‘How good does Facebook make you feel?’ and ‘Do you check Facebook first thing when you wake up in the morning?’

    The findings were very telling: not only did those struggling with social media addiction report suffering from internet addiction and challenges with emotional addiction (the article alludes to poor impulse control as an example), but also issues with drinking problems.

    According to Psychologist and lead for the study, Julia Hormes, these “abusers” spend one-third of their online browsing time checking Facebook, with 67% of the 253 undergraduate sample reporting they use push notifications to maintain constant awareness of their friends’ online activity. Hormes goes on to explain that the unpredictability of new content being posted is what drives users back to the site on a consistent basis, while this and notifications act as rewards for the behavior.

    In an email correspondence with the Huffington Post, she quips:

    “The question of whether or not disordered online social networking use can be considered a ‘true’ addiction is a tough one. I think the answer really depends on your definition of ‘addiction.’ Many people think of addictions as involving ingested substances. However, if we think about addiction more broadly as involving some kind of reward then it is easier to see how behaviors may be addictive.”

    What if “internet addiction” was only the tip of the iceberg? We already know that videogames, as touched on in the beginning of this post, share some similar characteristics with substance abuse. What’s next: Sex? Food? Chocolate? Oh, wait…
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  2. South Carolina Lawyer Blog
    Discover the latest South Carolina news related to personal injury accidents, workers compensation cases, USERRA and ERISA lawsuits, product and drug recalls and injuries and everything else related to personal injury law news.
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  3. Specializing in Criminal Defense Law
    A trusted criminal lawyer Houston who can handle and give you legal representation throughout case. Atty. Gerald Fry expertise have been proven for how many years. He handled many criminal cases and received the high honor and recognition for his legal expertise as a defense attorney in Houston, Texas.
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  4. The Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab
    It has become crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of the different types of drug rehab programs and which type can best treat the addictions of the 23 million plus Americans over the age of twelve who are addicted to some form of harmful substance.
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  5. The Complete Guide to Drug Free Teens
    An undercover vice detective takes parents and teachers into a dangerous world existing right in their own homes and in every middle and high school in world, and then offers life saving advice to help parents and teachers keep kids drug free and alive.
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  6. The drug and alcohol detox
    This lack of vitamin B1 is usually caused by a bad diet, damage to the digestive system from drinking, and the fact that alcohol can prevent the uptake of vitamin B1 in the brain.
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  7. The Right Step Blog
    deals with drug and alcohol addiction, treatment, rehab and recovery
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    the path to addiction,dark tales from the road to Hell
    Added on Nov 2, 2005 | 628 Views | 
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  9. The Zach Bell Show
    The personal weblog of Zach Bell on politics, religion, sports or whatever else may interest him.
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  10. Treatment Referrals, Drug Treatment, Alcohol Treatment, Treatment Centers
    Drug Alcohol Treatment Referral service
    Added on Dec 2, 2010 | 498 Views | 
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    Blogging about trouble . . . and how to get out of it!
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  12. US Recall News
    US Recall News
    Added on Jun 5, 2006 | 442 Views | 
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    If we're Going to get clean from drugs, then let's have some fun as recovering addicts
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  14. We Do Recover
    We Do Recover offers a regular blog on addiction related topics that aims to educate people on the issues surrounding addictions treatment.
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  15. Westbury Drunk Driving Attorneys
    At Lerner & Lerner P.C. we provide criminal defense representation to individuals in Nassau

    County, NY and surrounding areas. Call 516-741-4100 today.
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  16. Williamson County TN Drug Charges Lawyer
    The Franklin criminal law attorneys of Franklin Legal, An Association of Attorneys, represent clients in Tennessee. Contact the firm at 615-472-1181.
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