March 3, 2021

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  1. 1WineDude
    1WineDude provides you an insider's view of the strange and wonderful world of wine, told accessibly from an outsider's viewpoint, as he shares his attempts to over-educate himself through wine certifications, tastings, industry events, more tastings, and generally trying to figure out how to make an honest living (preferably by finding ways to get paid for drinking)
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  2. 619 Tips and tricks for softwares,computers,and even more
    619 tips.... This site has got new tricks and tips on many contents Thanks for visiting
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  3. A Romance Re-Reader Blog
    Romance Book Reviews, ebooks, writing and opinions
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  4. A1 Info Mall
    Reviews Of The Top Information Products And Online Services
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  5. Adsense Wealthy Page
    good to ask, now it is very easy to know before going into bunisess online, ths blog tell you what to do before yo think of what business you either affiliate with or advertise for in other to make your money back after working for them, many online busniess today fater working for them, they run away with your money, here you can get free advice on what to do.
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  6. Affiliate Home Based Business: Making Home Based Business Ownership Easy.
    Affiliate Marketing Isn't Easy.. UNLESS You Know How To Run The Business Effectively and Economically. This Blog Is Becoming The Article Hub of Affiliate Marketing. It Will Take You From Site Creation To Marketing and Beyond!
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  7. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate Marketing,Tips,Product Reviews & Ebooks
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  8. Affiliate Revenue Resources
    Website that contain Information about Affiliate Revenue, Internet Busines, Online Marketing, News, Tips n Trick, Product, Template, Etc.
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  9. Analog Designer
    All about Analog design
    Added on Feb 15, 2008 | 1641 Views | 
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  10. Andewa Palace II
    Free eBook and magazines
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  11. Aries028 | Personal Blog
    Its All About my Interest, what i see in internet, what i think, Whats my Plan, what in the news, about informative information that i see and this is the site you looking for ..

    Give It a Try to See my Blog . . .
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  12. Ashlee North
    Author Ashlee North welcomes romance readers. Come check out the latest NEWS! All North’s books are now available in ALL formats including eBooks. Read the latest reviews. Share the WONDERFUL updates...
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  13. ASP.NET AJAX Interview Questions
    Complete Material of DOT NET AJAX including AJAX problem on remote server, AJAX tutorial,Free ebooks of AJAX and much more.
    Added on May 17, 2008 | 1889 Views | 
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  14. Aus Junk Blog
    A blog about the world of online business
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  15. Author, Artist
    Publication Journey, follow me while I get there!
    Added on Mar 14, 2007 | 1978 Views | 
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  16. Best-selling TOP Digital Downloads & Discounts
    The Ultimate Resource of eBooks, Guides, Tips & Tricks, Training, Education, Tutorials, Digital Downloads and software discount coupon codes..
    Added on Mar 21, 2010 | 1998 Views | 
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  17. Better Life Solutions Blog
    Presents articles and information on skin care, health and wellness
    Added on Jan 18, 2009 | 1354 Views | 
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  18. Blogging - The Future Of Internet Business
    Blogging to podcasting with all of the latest technology including iPod, cell phones, portable mp3 players, videos and more
    Added on Dec 16, 2005 | 1890 Views | 
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  19. Body Mind Resource Centre
    Life & Natural Health Related Articles and Resources
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  20. Brenda Brown Entertainment
    This is Brenda Brown Entertainment. A unique, professional, one stop, full service entertainment company specializing in working closely with independent artists, their management or label company (if any) as well as authors on many of the critical aspects required in taking one’s career to the next level. Our mission statement is quite simple: Do the Right Thing All the Time, and to Be of Service to Each and Every Client. These are our creeds to which BBE is based around and is widely known for today in the industry.

    At the core of the business is our relationship with Apple for both iTunes and iBooks for worldwide digital distribution of both music and book content. BBE also has an indie record label called Pure Heart Records for physical distribution of music sales through websites and retailers. BBE believes in returning to our clients the lion share of all royalties earned on a timely and professional basis for they deserve a decent return for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

    Surrounding our core business is a renowned palette of full Management Services both Personal and Business which allows BBE the ability to manage or assist in practically all aspects of an artist’s career. In addition to being a premier digital content provider with iTunes and iBooks, BBE is proficient at creating and implementing complete social and media marketing campaigns, website and fan page creations and preparing detailed Business planning featuring both Investment Prospectuses for raising monies to developing detailed financial “road maps” for future planning.

    Over the years, in addition to our services and abilities to guide our Artists and Authors, BBE has developed an array of great business and industry contacts from PR firms, Radio/Promo specialists, Videotographers, Website Designers, Branding and Sponsorships Specialists, Producers, Publicists and more. These contacts combined with our well positioned internal abilities to promote an artist or author to the marketplace to literally to millions of people, makes BBE a one stop shop for any aspiring Artist or Author.
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