November 30, 2020

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  1. How real-life renovation is different from HGTV (Part 2)
    Anyone who watches “reality” TV knows that there are elements of fantasy mixed in with reality. After all, there has to be enough drama to keep you interested in staying through the commercial breaks and move along fast enough that it covers everything important in its allotted time spot (which is about 42 minutes once you’ve taken off time for advertising).

    That’s part of the reason why HGTV shows make home renovation look quicker and simpler than it really is. In the previous article, contributor Ian Altman explained his nightmarish experience with a general contractor who signed a contract and immediately started complaining he wasn’t earning any money. Unfortunately, his troubles didn’t end there, and yours might not either.

    The disappearing electrician

    After firing his general contractor, Altman was left with the task of finding and hiring an electrician who’s prices would fit within his budget. He selected an electrician named Jason who settled on a fixed price for the project and plans moved forward, for once.

    However, with just a day or two left of work left, Jason mysteriously vanished from the job site and didn’t return for several days. Altman recounted, “I asked him when he would return to complete the work. . . . Five times he failed to show up as promised.” Finally, Jason admitted he was too busy with a commercial project he’d landed and further explained, “I’m done with houses anyway. It’s way too much hassle for zero money.”

    A contractor is bound to his contract

    So what’s your takeaway from all this? First of all, realize it isn’t your problem if a contractor signs a contract with an agreed-upon price and then complains about it later. If they didn’t feel it was worth their time, they shouldn’t have agreed to do the work in the first place. Do your homework to find out how much the project should cost and then ask several contractors to submit bids. And remember, you’ll get what you pay for.

    Get referrals before hiring anyone

    Second, when looking for contractors, ask around for referrals, read online reviews, and take everything you hear with a grain of salt. A drawback of online reviews is that people tend to only post extreme viewpoints—you’ll see little middle ground or neutral feedback. Personal referrals from people you know well are the best kind to go by, especially if you’re able to visit the person to see the contractor’s finished product. Don’t rely on the pictures on the contractor’s website as proof of the kind of work he’s done. If a contractor turns out to be fraudulent or unreliable, some of the blame will go to you for hiring him.

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  2. Electrician Apprentice
    Turning into an electrican apprentice understudy is a great vocation move. As per the U.s. Agency of Labor Statistics, work development for electrical is relied upon to remain stable throughout the following 10 years. The larger part of electrical experts launch their professions by selecting in an electrical technician apprenticeship. These projects join at work preparing with classes taught by finished electrical experts. These systems will take in the vicinity of four years to finish.
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  3. Gentec Services Inc Blog
    Gentec Services, Inc., the SF Bay Area's most trusted team of HVAC and electrical specialists, is here to bring you energy saving tips, money saving specials, industry news, and a whole lot more.
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  4. Good reasons for Picking the Electrical Contractors
    The organizations and peoples now have very excellent facts about the electrical testing and safety that helps make the electrical contractors Sydney a lot more accountable and to get the occupation performed efficiently. This delivers the users with very good electrician companies that in flip make the contractors to give their biggest for all.
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  5. Plumbing and Heating Home Improvement Tips and Recommendations
    Hunt's Services Blog provides helps tips and recommendations for home repairs and improvements. Owning home is a big responsiblity and we want to make it easier for you to keep your home safe and well maintained. Regular maintenance can help homeowners avoid more costly repairs and increase their home's value.

    Hunt’s Services is a plumbing, heating, electrical and furnace repair company that also specializes in air conditioning and duct cleaning. We are fast, experienced and strongly reviewed by our customers in Tacoma, Federal Way, Auburn, Seattle, Puyallup, Renton, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah and the nearby areas. We take pride in serving King and Pierce Counties both home and commercial with honesty,integrity, and dedicated service.
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  6. Southern Electrical Blog
    A blog providing a variety of electrician tips
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  7. Surge Protector Installation and Benefits
    Professional electricians can shield your precious and the most valuable household electronic appliances with a capable house surge protector. Most of the people have a few power strip surge protectors throughout their house in order to safeguard their homes from abnormal and abrupt power surges. However, they sometimes fail to respond to the situation and provide no protection at all. The basic reason behind electrical surge is faulty wiring, and downed power lines or unevenness in the power supply. It is supposed to be the most fatal problem for homeowners and can bring unprecedented mortal accidents.
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  8. The Advantages of Calling Level 2 Electrician Sydney
    If you will have been taking into consideration Electrician Sydney for probably a brief time frame, odds are you'll uncover the subject relatively intricate or almost certainly irritating. Center on an individual topic at this time, do not cram as well a total great deal info into your brain in just a single go.
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  9. Vital Electrical Services for Safety & Convenience
    Electricians from reputable companies offer electric repair and installation, electric remodeling, electric meter base repairs or installation, electric panel repairs or installation, electric from the meter to the outlets and other essentially vital electrical services.
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