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  1. The Official Blog of Jason and Chelsea White
    Inspiring people to live their significant lives by personal design!
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  2. The Strategist Notebook
    Strictly for personal development book summaries, practical business ideas, concepts, leadership and management strategies. With the occasional hints of humour and crap talks.
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  3. TheZapaBlog-Mediation,Negotiation,andFastBusiness
    Want to be a better negotiator? Get the most out of your small business? Discover the ins and outs of mediation as a smarter way to work through your conflicts? Then check out TheZapaBlog, your nexus for Mediation, Negotiation, and Fast Business.
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  4. Turning Problems Into Profits
    For CEOs By CEOs
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  5. Under the Wire on Inc.com
    Gene Marks is a columnist, author, and small business owner. He oversees the Marks Group, a 10-person firm that provides technology and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. A certified public accountant, Marks has also worked in the entrepreneurial services arm of KPMG. He writes weekly columns and blog posts about the political, economic and technological trends that impact small and medium-sized businesses for The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Philadelphia Magazine. He has also written five business management books, and appears frequently on FOX Business, FOX News, CNBC, and MSNBC, and numerous talk radio shows. @genemarks
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  6. UrbanSpeaker
    A fresh blog about a wide range of intriguing topics, such as personal finance, development, and urban lifestyle.
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  7. Video Email and Brand Consistency
    Marketers talk a lot about brand recognition and how that is just as important as promoting an event or sale. We know it is easier to keep a loyal customer than to get a new one. Brand awareness and loyalty contribute to that retention. If you’re going to send video emails you need to make sure you are consistent with your branding. Inviter has several ways you can do that.


    Custom theme. You can choose an Inviter theme, but we recommend uploading a custom theme. Make it similar to your social headers and backgrounds. Those in turn should be reflective of the look and feel of your website. Same colors, font, etc.

    Include your logo.

    If you’re doing a slider video, make sure you use branded slides, nothing random. You can still be festive or current with current news and have branded slides.

    Your tone of voice in the description should be consistent with tone of voice in all your marketing collateral.

    Video emails and branding together can make quite impact and assist you with customer retention, but also in attracting new customers who recognize you’re branding from shared video emails on social networks. Remember that Inviter video emails and greetings can be shared across multiple social media platforms. You want new customers to be able to recognize you.

    Try it out today!
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  8. Video Newsletters: A New Way to Reach Your Customers
    You have a tough job. You are competing with so many companies for your customers attention. Whether they are your direct competition with similar products and services or not, they are still creating messages and sending them to your customers. Unless you have a creative, appealing message to send, your messages and customer communications will likely be ignored.
    Enter Inviters video newsletters. Instead of your traditional newsletter, create an engaging video that would communicate the same information as your traditional newsletter, but attaching a person, a member of your team in the format of a video. Youll create something recipients will remember. It will also add a human touch that your competitors arent doing. These video newsletters are easy to create, upload, and send with Inviters business solutions. Save them and you can reuse some of the content for the future.

    Video newsletters are perfect for communicating sales, company news, and holiday business greeting cards. You can use them to send Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, discounts and specials, and special sales etc. Supplement the video with text detailing the promotion.
    Business Greeting Cards
    Instead of sending traditional business greeting cards, send video greeting cards. Its the same process as sending video newsletters only youre not selling anything. Instead, youre creating heartfelt video greetings. Inviters business greeting cards are available for every major holiday. Send Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving cards simply by uploading your video, creating your event, uploading your contact list, and scheduling the event. Its that simple. Dont forget professional holidays like Boss day too!
    Signup today for Inviters business solutions and start creating memorable messages to your customers!
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  9. Wealth Creation and Social Responsibility
    A place where wealth creation and personal finance intersect with issues of social responsibility and economic justice
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  10. Web entrepreneurs
    A blog for wen and technology entrepreneurs
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  11. What Can You Do Now?
    This blog will serve to educate and inform entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and concerned global citizens about websites, tools and campaigns that are currently working to improve the world we live in.
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  12. Who Is Bebe Brookman?
    Meet a Marketer who wants to help others.
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  13. Winning The Game: How To Become A Game Changer
    Race Cummings is one of those Game Changers and driving results as a leader in the social networking is what he is all about. Above all, he is passionate about delivering outstanding value to and exceeding expectations of his clients.
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  14. Woman Start Your Business Now
    A blog devoted to providing start up information for would be women business owners
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  15. Work From Home Resources Blog
    Helping others earn a part-time or full-time income from the comforts of their home. You will find tips, advice and strategies on a wide range of topics, from internet marketing and small/home business, to entrepreneurship and social media.
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  16. YE Speaks!
    An undergraduate review of creative insights
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