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  1. Divine Alignment
    One man's experience with his divine being as a result of an awakening of his kundalini. This blog contains poetry he utilizes to gain access to his higher self and also discusses issues related to awakening and our birthright as spiritual beings seeking to discover the power of self love in a world that desperately needs it.
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  2. Grace of Soul Love
    Your Soul is Pure Love... Your Soul/Sole Destiny is to Remember this Love... Awaken to this Love. Inside you, is an Inner Compass gently calling you toward this Soul Memory. The Path, is Grace.
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  3. Patricia Motleys Art
    Inspiration for My Art
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  4. Pictures of tattoos gallery
    Feminine tattoos run the gamut from small flowers to large designs, and this feminine tattoos gallery shows the range. Visit http://pictures-of-tattoo.blogspot.com
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  5. Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Ideas
    Tattoos are generally used as a form of creative self-expression,
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  6. The Instead Softcup, a Study in Women’s Lib
    In America, hundreds of beauty magazine pages address it, miles of store shelves display it, and hours of private conversation focus on it, but most everyone still has the same reaction when they hear it…period
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  7. TheFeminineTouch blog
    Here TheFeminineTouch talks about her exploits on Etsy , what she has learnt about selling on Etsy, what items she sells and how she made them and how she has improved her shop over time. She also promotes other Etsy shops when she can.
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  8. Zara the Sacred Feminine
    The age of the Sacred Feminine is now. Human consciousness is on the threshold to this radically new understanding of life, love and truth in today’s changing world. Zara the Sacred Feminine is a metaphorical presentation of this dynamic.
    Zara is the story of a young woman’s unchartered journey into the human psyche obliging her to face the truth of the personal self, the cause of all our suffering. The Magus, her mentor, demonstrates in her direct experience the inherent program of the person as the ongoing expression of the human dilemma trapped in a repetitive process. After realizing that all persons, their masks, opinions and beliefs must inevitably dissolve, Zara passes through the mystical death. The answer is immediate. She discovers the vastness of her true nature, the sacred feminine and the real elixir of life.
    Zara the Sacred Feminine is available in paperback at all major bookstores
    Or directly online at www.createspace.com/3818767
    If you have Kindle you can download the eBook at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005FSH1M2
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