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  1. how to gain power for self improvement & reach personal power
    this blog is about power gain,self improvement also how to gain personal power to change your life forever & gain power in other words personal power can make you wealthy cause human do not run on auto pilot nd some time at any stage of our life's even when we at our wisest of knowledge and wisdom we still need to maintain our way of thinking staying, positive and much more to stay on point to keep our mind power & personal power , find your personal power today
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  2. Accounting - How To Succeed
    This Article introduces the concept of Double Entry Bookkeeping which forms the basis for all modern accounting. It outlines the methodology of the process very simply, together with an example and the different types of accounts. It briefly mentions its historical development and embraces the wider issues of social accounting and shareholders. Website has many more.
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  3. Daily tips
    A blog about students and young ones alike offering them practical advice on various challenges they might face, at school, home or anywhere else. The world is a advice,education,news,tips, daily living, your one stop place to exam success, online and offline
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  4. Income Tax Laws Made Simple
    This is a blog by a tax professional. The blog provides answers to complex question in laymans language absolutely free.
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  5. Multi Level Marketing
    The history of marketing extends back to the very beginning of our civilization. In the old days, people would go to markets in order to buy goods or services they needed for their daily lives, usually at a certain time and place.
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  6. Save Capital Gains Tax with PATs and TICs
    Learn how to hang onto your capital gains
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