September 21, 2020

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  1. End-Times-Truth - Hardcore Bible Teaching for 2009
    End-Times-Truth, a powerful look into the future of our world through the eyes of a Christian who is motivated by bringing God's honest truth to the children of God.
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  2. FILM STAR FRED ... a place where we can bark all we want!
    where a simple spirit (in this case, fred the dachshund's) can speak his/her mind and maybe, hopefully, make a difference in our world
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  3. Love Struck
    16 is a magical time in your life where you fall in love, get your heart broken, make new friends, become closer to the old ones, try to make life changing decisions, look your prettiest and most of all get the taste of the REAL WORLD...!!
    This blog is of a normal teen girl going through the amazing times of her life...
    Do read and comment!!!
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  4. Psychic Readings and Live Guidance Blog offers valuable and useful information to assist people who are in need of real psychic advice and guidance.
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  5. Seeking the Truth
    Are you seeking the truth, enlightenment, God, Aum, real and permanent happiness? This can be achieved through Unmotivated (Nishkaam) Meditation. Unmotivated Meditation means Meditation on the name of the Absolute without asking for anything in return.
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  6. The Strategic American
    The Strategic American is the patriotic blog produced by Honest Value Media DesigDesign ' s head resident author and CEO Joel Drotts Juris Doctorate that brings a pure Constitutionalists view point to the debates of today. Intelligent, funny, informative, and packing the punch other author's wish they had to throw; you will walk away smarter and better educated than you were before reading this original blog. Not for the faint or fearful, Joel's common-man, plain American vernacular makes you feel like you're having a conversation with a well informed and educated friend over a couple of beers. So simple a high school freshmen could understand the concepts, but bringing to light theories, opinions, ideas, and lessons worthy of a doctrinal thesis it will leave you wanting more from the folks at Honest Value Media. They claim be the content "That Keep You Interesting" over at Honest Value Media, and they certainly have been able to keep themselves and their blog interesting to date. A must read and link to!
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  7. Trust and Truth
    A page dedicated to looking at stories and ideas not covered by the mainstream with a high degree of trust and truth. Hypnosis,conspiracies, the world in general and all the things that go bump in the night.
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