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  1. Cricket, the brilliant game!
    A must see blogsite that provides a variety of constantly updated content and all sources are acknowledged. Also contaions NO adult content so is friendly for all ages. So see what the all the fuss is about and visit today :)
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  2. David Fletcher's Government and Technology Weblog
    News and notes on technology in government, both in Utah as well as international.
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  3. Diplomatically Incorrect - Provides film and written blogs on issues reflecting diplomatic discourse and the global citizen.
    Diplomatically Incorrect is a resource for the most recent Middle East News videos, direct from the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
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  4. Discover affordable flats to let in Dundee :Sloane Developments
    Dundee has never enjoyed a reputation as one of the trendiest cities in which to set up home. But with a £1,000,000,000 cultural-led urban renewal project underway, designed to reconnect the waterfront with the city centre, and where the new V&A museum will be housed, opinions are rapidly changing. Throw in the fact the city has made the shortlist in its bid for the UK City of Culture in 2017, and Scotland’s fourth-largest city is going places.

    As you would expect from a city which has so much to offer, flats to let in Dundee can be highly sought after. Surprisingly, Dundee actually has the most affordable rents of any city in Scotland, which is why it’s never been a better time to find a property that comfortably suits your budget.

    Indeed, one bed properties in the City of Discovery are snapped up for an average of £379 per month, with two bed flats in the area commanding a monthly rental fee of around £531.

    Throughout this bustling city, you’ll find a wide range of flats on offer, from traditional but attractive tenement buildings, houses situated in converted jute mills (an industry Dundee is famous for and a setting that makes a spectacular home) and modern new builds.

    Many of the old-style flats to let in Dundee were built in the 19th century, in response to the influx of workers as a result of the flourishing weaving industry – but that doesn’t mean the city is stuck in the past.

    With two universities to cater for, Dundee is a city with a thriving population of students from all over the world. As such, it’s hardly surprising that dedicated student housing has continued to grow in the city.This expansion has moved students away from the traditional tenement properties that the city is famous for, and has led to a marked increase in available dwellings of this type.

    Whatever impression you currently hold of Dundee, put it to the back of your mind – this is a city with a renewed purpose. If you are searching for a flat in Dundee, you really will be spoilt for choice thanks to the sheer quality and variety on offer. With an exciting future on the horizon, the rental market in Dundee still represents considerable value for your money.
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  5. Domestic & International Tour Packages Offers
    Domestic & International Tour Packages Offers With Friends Travels Online Just Visit to Book Now - www.friendstravelsonline.com
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  6. Effwit
    International Security and Intelligence
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  7. Emerging Markets Outlook
    a discussion of business, economics and politics with an emerging markets focus
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  8. Endurance Trading
    Started by three MBA's, this website shares the basics on international business strategy as well as our insight into the tough issues of our time.
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  9. Entertaining Stuff
    All entertaining Stuff
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  10. eworldvu
    Blog on 2008 Presidential Election, National, International, and General Interest
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  11. eworldvublog
    Blog about national and International news and politics.
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  12. Festivals and Flavors Around the World
    These are two of my passions, traveling and discovering new tastes...At least with this lens, join me as I look into the different festivals in different countries that are in my next travel destinations!

    Come and join me as I travel around the world here...Let's join the spirit of the different festivals of the world and learn their famous mouthwatering culinary dishes that is uniquely theirs...Let's celebrate life together...Let's discover the different cultures through their rich and enticing cusines...
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  13. Football Full Match Download
    Download HD quality football full matches and highlights from Premier League, Match of the Day, La Liga, Champions League, and International football
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  14. Free Net Calls Using VOIP
    Make free international calls using internet and Voip.Free PC to Mobile and Pc to Land Line calls to USA CANADA UAE EGYPT INDIA NEWZEALAND AUSTRALIA PAKISTAN IRAN BANGLADESH Etc
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  15. Free travel article and latest news
    Welcome to the Travigators the Article Library, here you will find articles on
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  16. Freebies Addict
    List of international freebies
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  17. Friends Travels Online Domestic & International Travels Agency
    Make Your Domestic & International Tour Plans Now For Cheap Travel With: http://www.friendstravelsonline.com
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  18. Global Business Lawyers - Lovaas and Lehtinen, P.C. Global Business Lawyers - Lovaas and Lehtinen, P.C.
    Industry and law related topics affecting business entities in the local, national, and international legal and business communities.Industry and law related topics affecting business entities in the local, national, and international legal and business communities.
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  19. Haabaa Blog
    Haabaa blog offers commentary on diverse topics ranging from art and craft to Internet and technology, the rang of topics is based on the topics in Haabaa web directory which covers almost all areas of human endeavours.
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  20. Healthy Living
    Your health and wellness channel
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