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  1. Commentary Scope
    An informative site with content that provides insights, comments, tips, thoughts, news of interest and general information. Your weekly scoop.
    Added on May 18, 2005 | 3788 Views | 
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  2. Did You Know?
    An informative site with content that provides interesting facts to know, learn and/or ponder about, at a level of coverage that is extensive in all subject areas to reach a wide audience. This is your source for everything to do with factual Knowledge on a weekly bases.
    Added on May 18, 2005 | 4107 Views | 
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  3. Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
    V-Model mandates the need for involvement of Software Testers from beginning of the Software Development life cycle.But in most of the cases, Software Testers are not having enough exposure to “business” background of the application.
    Added on May 16, 2012 | 1902 Views | 
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  4. Website Scripts
    Knowledge management software, web forms, form maker, flash charts, formmail and web calendar created by Web-Site-Scripts and used by over 30,000 clients world-wide.
    Added on Apr 18, 2009 | 1647 Views | 
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  5. About Energy Deregulation!
    Energy Deregulation can save you money, this research and information will help you understand how to lower your electricity and natural gas costs without any risk!
    Added on Jun 1, 2009 | 1477 Views | 
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  6. ADOP - A Drop Of Posion
    ADOP - A Drop Of Poison
    Smart magazine for thinking people.

    Here you can pretend to do something important, without the risk of degradation! Only the most interesting facts, articles, and mick funny things, so that you may be interested.

    Just take coffe with cookies , and feed your brain with our drops! :)

    Become a follower to check blog for regular updates!
    Added on Oct 5, 2012 | 1291 Views | 
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  7. ASVAB Boot Camp Blog
    This blog is a g great resource for military applicants and students who want to pursue their career in the US Military services. ASVAB Boot Camp provides interactive online courses, study guides and worksheets in arithmetic, math and word knowledge sections of The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude test.
    Added on Mar 18, 2015 | 1216 Views | 
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  8. Attune University official Blog
    In this blog you will get latest updates about enterprise open source technology updates, Solutions base blog and technology knowledge base blogs and latest offer news of Attune University.
    Added on Jun 1, 2013 | 1154 Views | 
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  9. Bible Study and Inspirational Thoughts
    The purpose of Bible study is to discover who Jesus Christ is and what it means to abide in Him. Here you will find out what it means to walk with Jesus and live by the will of God.
    Added on Jul 31, 2008 | 1465 Views | 
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  10. Blog on Project Management
    Welcome to – a Blog that helps professionals preparing for a Project Management Certification and working Project Managers keep track of the latest PM buzz on the globe.
    Added on Feb 27, 2015 | 857 Views | 
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  11. Brain Games Blog
    Time to work out the old noggin! We LOVE brain games, puzzles, trivia and other mind games. Join us for the latest news about the coolest brain games online and offline.
    Added on Dec 20, 2011 | 1281 Views | 
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  12. Business Consultant
    Small businesses often take a large volume of effort, excellent knowledge of products and good marketing advices. The goal is mainly to achieve better results in the market and to generate more profit whilst self-employing.

    However, base on Mr. Philip Whiteman’s experience, most would ask that what is the long term goal and the plan for this company? And that are the approach to do this? What are the assets would be required? What is the campaign strategy? What are the chances for future development? What are the ones that could be decisive? How would we apply these approaches? What are your business enemies are planning? What are your criteria to measure your approach? Small business consulting is one of the most highly specialized areas of consultation and Mr Philip Whiteman has the knowledge, experience and professional qualities to generate and apply that put all the factors into use and this will always be a specialization of Mr. Philip Whiteman.
    Added on Aug 12, 2013 | 1287 Views | 
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  13. Business News, Business Articles, Business Knowledge, Business Information
    Business News, Business Articles, Business Knowledge, Business Information
    Added on Oct 9, 2009 | 894 Views | 
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  14. Cerebralcrap
    All the fun facts!
    Added on Apr 18, 2008 | 1159 Views | 
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  15. Computer Facts
    This Blog Provides complete and up to date computer facts or information about current or old computer related knowledge, useful news and upcoming solutions regarding mobile phones, operating system, search engines, Microsoft Windows etc.
    Added on May 8, 2010 | 1154 Views | 
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  16. Cool Stuff and The Reveal of Knowledge
    This blog consist of technology, gadget, Playstation Portable(PSP) , knowledge and other cool stuff.
    Added on Apr 28, 2008 | 1297 Views | 
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  17. Crossword Puzzles
    Welcome to Crossword Puzzles, the puzzles that are created and/or posted for AdlandPro members.
    Added on Jun 21, 2006 | 982 Views | 
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  18. Crystal Jewelry
    Knowledge for all about crystals
    Added on Sep 3, 2009 | 878 Views | 
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  19. CXM 101: Customer Experience Management
    Latest Trends in CXM (Customer Relationship Experience), curated by CRMIT Solution (
    Added on May 23, 2013 | 882 Views | 
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  20. dafina ibishaj
    A blog about my recommendations of what I buy, where I eat, places I visit, top websites to visit, health, fashion recommendations and much more.
    Added on Sep 4, 2014 | 1807 Views | 
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