October 24, 2020

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  1. ZM-Machines
    I have built and repaired computers all of my life so I finally decided to start my own computer business. I build and sale high quality computer desktops; basic, business, multimedia, All-In-one, gaming systems. My systems are powered by the best names in processors AMD, and Intel. I offer from a triple core up to and eight core processor. I offer2GB of RAM up to 32GB RAM, for higher end gaming and multimedia apps. I also offer name brand laptops, and tablet computers. I offer 1, and 2 year warranty on all of my products offering the ability to diagnose and fix software issues from the comfort of your own home through remote troubleshooting. I am offering a layaway deal to anyone that needs a new computer system but is unable to come up with the entire amount all at once. With 10% down and equally distributed installments bi-weekly over a three six or nine week term. Come and check out my selection @ http://www.zm-machines.com
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