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  1. Michigan DUI & Car Accident News
    This blog is brought to you by Paul Tafelski, a Michigan DUI Lawyer. Get up-to-date news on Michigan DUI cases and crackdowns and car accident statistics. Find out about the latest laws pertaining to traffic violations and drunk driving. Learn what Michigan is doing to decrease car accidents and drunk driving incidents.
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  2. Mind Your Thoughts
    This is a self help blog to enhance your life. Here you can shop all the materials that you had no idea were there to help you. Looking for friends to join me on this quest to living happy, healthy and wealthy.
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  3. Missouri Wage & Hour Laws Lawyer
    The Kasper Law Firm, LLC offers employment law services for St. Charles and the St. Louis, Missouri area. Call 636-922-7100 to schedule a free initial consultation. The Kasper Law Firm handles all types of employment law matters, including wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination, whistleblower and False Claims Act cases, retaliation, wage disputes, unpaid overtime, Family Medical Leave Act and more.
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  4. My California DUI - First Offense
    My California DUI. My first DUI, the wake-up call of a lifetime. My first offense. Sharing my story of my first DUI in California, the pain I am going through, the pain I have caused others and the penalties I am dealing with to hopefully help prevent others from getting behind the wheel after drinking.
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  5. New acceptance of spying on cell phones
    My personal experience with a spy/hacker on my phone. A long time b-4 I caught on, and how it
    is viewed by phone companies, and law inforcement,
    and relatives
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  6. NJ Criminal Law- Recent Cases
    Kenneth Vercammen is a Middlesex County trial attorney who has published 130 articles in national and New Jersey publications on Criminal Law and litigation topics. He was awarded the NJ State State Bar Municipal Court Practitioner of the Year.
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  7. Parsons & Associates Workers Compensation Blog
    Get the latest news and updates on workers compensation issues, workplace safety tips, medical discoveries and more to learn how to keep you and your family safe while at work and at home. The law firm of Parsons & Associates is dedicated to keeping people informed about safety issues and resolutions.
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  8. Real Life Real Magic
    The life is nothing but the law of attraction. The quantum physics and law of attraction explains the concept of God. If anyone wants to see the real magic...the only way is to learn law of attraction. Take a power of God in your own hands.
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  9. San Anselmo Employment Law Attorney
    Based in California, The Figari Law Firm provides legal representation to clients in cases related to workplace discrimination and employment law.
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  10. The Abelson Law Firm Blog
    Get important information and news about Washington, DC traffic and driving laws to make sure you and your family stays safe while on the road.
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  11. The Cochran Firm Wisconsin Personal Injury Blog
    Updates and news related to safety issues in Wisconsin. Find out about safety laws and companies who break them and other news related to safety throughout this state.
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  12. The Divine Network
    The Laws of Life
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  13. The Divine Network
    The Laws of Life
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  14. The Law of Diversity
    Are you more like Superman or Batman? There is a reason why I asked that question. When it comes to the power of intention, manifesting, and the law of attraction, people normally fall into two categories that aren't exactly mutually exclusive. They can be like Superman, born with supernatural abilities that are unexplainable to modern man. Or they can be like Batman, a strong business mogul by day, and a vigilante crime fighter by night. Both use the power of intention to get the things that they want. Only they go about it in different ways. Subscribe to my channel and determine if you're like Superman or Batman.
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  15. The Secret Works
    Based on the ideas described in The Secret DVD, The Secret Works blog will express my thoughts and experiences with The Secret philosophy and the Law of Attraction.
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  16. Think Outside The Box
    General Information about Religion and Others
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  17. Torah for Christians
    Questions about Paul's apparent contradictions, circumcision, Communion, Passover, Easter, Sunday worship, and dietary laws. Let's see what God's Word has to say to His people about these questions and many more.
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  18. Underwood Law Offices Accidents Blog
    This law firm blog brings you the latest news, stories and legal information about personal injuries happening in West Virginia. This blog has stories about car accidents, driving safety tips, medical malpractice issues, dog bite incidents, workplace accident news and more.
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  19. Universal Laws For Self Help
    The prime universal law is the Law of Attraction, as described by Abraham-Hicks. I'd describe it as: what you dwell on, you get. From that come a couple more and our happiness depends on lining up with these laws--especially the Law of Attraction. Our happiness, and our prosperity.
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  20. USA criminal lawyer
    When people are accused of a crime, they face the terrible possibility of going to jail. A good attorney can represent anyone committed with a crime to the best of his or her ability. They can negotiate with prosecutors and can often arrange for reduced charges or lesser sentencing.
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