September 28, 2020

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  1. A Humourless Lot
    Logistics for global health and aid
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  2. Always hire specialized cargo management companies
    Are you a business owner and having business set up where receiving and sending of
    goods is essential? Then you must hire expert cargo companies to deliver goods at
    different locations and ensure the safety of goods. Every business works on trust and
    you must take services from company that can offer you accurateness, on time delivery,
    flexibility and reliability. It is important that Cargo Company should have logistics
    software so that you can track the goods positioning and can plan business operations
    accordingly. For delivery of good safely it is important to hire dedicated, professional
    service provider for sure.
    If you take services from Cargo Company which has incorporated shipment
    tracking system then you will get services with improved proficiency and accurateness,
    this could be achieved with better usage of manpower and tools available. Company
    which equipped with latest technology can provide more excellent client fulfillment.
    These systems help cargo companies to improve the trustworthiness among the
    customers. To be assured about your goods and product always get services from
    logistics companies that has strong infrastructure, wide network, positive market
    reputation and experience in handling all type cargo types and can offer different
    packages that match with your requirement.
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  3. Best Logistics Services Company
    Pon Pure Logistics is one the best logistics company in India and they are providing the services to all over the world. This blow will help to read the latest news about logistics transportations, warehouse management, inventory management, Storage and Logistics.
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  4. Freight Broker Training Information
    Freight broker training information blog is designed to provide free and valuable information about trends in the freight broker, trucking and logistics industry.
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  5. Multichannel Magic
    The Multichannel Magic blog helps people integrate channels, manage information, and grow profitably. It provides tips, techniques, and inspiration for thriving in a multichannel world. Our purpose is to inspire you to look at your business differently. When you do, you will find many ways to improve and prosper. So grab a cup of coffee (or whatever gets your brain cells jumping) and dig in.
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  6. Navman Wireless Blog
    Navman Wireless company blog shares fleet tracking industry news, thoughts, insights and product launches. Discussions range from motor industry news to fuel prices and fleet operation.
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  7. Spectrum Logistics
    Spectrum Logistics' blog provides a variety of informative articles related to third party logistics and global/international transportation and shipping.
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  8. Supply Chain Edge
    Supply Chain Excellence
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  9. Tactics, Strategy, and Logistics
    Being something of a history nerd – fine, I have an original, early 1800′s topographical map of Europe on my desk – I often find myself cringing at friends’ uses of certain words. ”It’s historical context, not content” is one I’ve corrected a few people on. The big one is the difference between strategy and tactics.

    In war, there are three major components – Strategy, Tactics, and Logistics. Business – as the many re-writes of The Art of War indicate – is very much like war. Taking that into consideration, we all need to be well versed in the importance of all three.
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  10. The Daily Recruiter
    The Daily Recruiter is the blog home of The SearchLogix Group, an executive recruiting firm based in Atlanta, GA
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  11. TurnLevel
    TurnLevel is a weblog providing in-depth discussion and perspectives on IT and supply chain issues facing government. Special attention is given to Government eCommerce, including technology and concept innovations around lean logistics, supply chain inventory management, contingency contracts, and more.
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