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  1. Aussie TV Fan
    Are you tired of US and UK websites SPOILING your favourite television shows? This blog relates only to episodes that have already aired in Australia - so there's no need to avert your eyes!
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  2. Bandit Trails Treasure Hunting
    A blog about treasure hunting and metal detecting with how-to-tips, resources, new products and books, and treasure stories.
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    This blog is about anything related to weight lost, diet and health
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  4. CarNewz
    Information and news about classic cars & Route 66
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  5. Catch Up Television
    Missed your favourite BBC show? Dont worry, with Catchup Television, you can watch your favourite show for up to 7 days. Torchwood, Eastenders, Top Gear, The Bill, Coronation Street, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Gavin and Stacey and More
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  6. Deb's Search and Rescue Stories
    True stories by a member of Coconino County, AZ, Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team
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  7. Elfstoned
    Reviews and articles about movies, tv shows, books and music I enjoy. In addition, everything related to the musicians, actors and authors involved.
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  8. Finding Myself
    Read (and comment) about my journey through life as a newly single guy on the west coast.
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  9. From Where I Sit
    Our Nation's Economy
    Added on Dec 28, 2008 | 921 Views | 
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  10. Go Get Your Ex Back
    Help to get over heartbreak and get your ex back.
    Added on Oct 8, 2008 | 811 Views | 
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  11. Goosey's Gabbings
    Television show reviews and movie musings. Discussions about all things entertainment and other fun stuff
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  12. In a Heartbeat - Get Over Someone Fast!
    Relationship Advice including, ways to reunite, break up help and advice, self esteem advice and exercises, marriage and after kids advice
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  13. insane creation
    Poetic insanity and random words frequently visit my mind. Thus the blog is all about the insane creation after the tornado starts in my mind. it contains the feeling via words on different elegant way. Its all about the simplicity of ignorance that my words make peace with.A collection of few poems and article are summoned here. HAPPY READING!!!
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    This is for those who think that love is for just playing around with. They think they can come and go at any time they please. Dr ASWAN says No So do you?
    Your partner will be back within 4 days with all the love you had together before and will be binded to love you alone forever. it doesn`t matter when he/she left you.
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    What Dr ASWAN
    About the LOST LOVE SPELL
    One of the things from which humans derive their greatest joy from is finding a person in which they have a deep friendship with. The joy comes from the great and memorable times shared with this people, the good times and the fun moments shared with these persons.
    Regrettably however, we have trouble setting in and these moments are never actually last the span that the two parties intended. Soon what was initially was a blissful and ecstatic life is reduced to a boring union filled with hate, resentment, suspicion and regret.
    The good news is that Dr ASWAN'S Lost Love Spell provides you with sure options that see you retrieve your
    lost love life. Dr ASWAN'S Lost Love Spell, provides you with a magic spell that will work to bring back to you your love which is probably somewhere else. Dr Aswan’s Lost love spell also guarantees you smooth love life after the restoration and a lasting solution to all your love problems.
    All you have to do is to play your part right and we will ask our powerful spirits to put in the best of their expertise and experience to ensure that the future of your relationship is guaranteed. The casting of the spell will immediately bring along with it great gains such as resolution, optimism and an awesome durable relationship.
    So if you are emotionally attached to a person and want to make it real by being hooked up physically, then this is just a matter of time for us. Make an appointment with Dr ASWAN for your Lost Love Spell today and see an end to all your love dilemmas. Hurry hurry, no disappointments!
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  15. Invitation to Love Survivor
    Read and exchange thoughts on love & romance. You will find news, tips, useful links & a wide range of articles on love, dating & relationships. Have fun! ;)
    Added on Feb 20, 2008 | 980 Views | 
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  16. Just Diet Tips and Information
    Unique aspects & tips about Diets, Exercise and Systems to change your thinking and help you live a happy and healthy life.
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  17. Kralix
    An entertainment blog that provides reviews of the hottest TV series episodes, latest movie trailers, movie reviews, news on both local and international entertainment scene.
    Added on Feb 4, 2009 | 1464 Views | 
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  18. Kralix
    A blog by Sirshatterstar that provides entertainment news, movie and tv series reviews and trailers.
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  19. Kyubz
    Provides TV series episodes that is updated regularly, movie reviews and movie trailers and other entertainment news and gossips.
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    Get resolutions, remedies, charms and spells on love-life, health and well-being. Contact baba otim for these services. Reconciling with a lost lover, get divorce problems solved, relationship or family disputes solved. Get remedies to afford you a chance to bear children if at all you have a problem of bareness.
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