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  1. 4x4wheelz
    4wd lover
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  2. A Blog on Toronto and Greater Toronto Restaurant Dining Suggestions
    We are a couple who loves food and enjoys dining out. We only blog about restaurants with good experience. Started in Toronto, now includes New York and Dubai.
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  3. Artsy Catsy
    Watch 15 formerly feral felines train their human artist rescuers to create gifts for cat lovers - and donate proceeds to cat rescue organizations!
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  4. Artsy Catsy Gallery
    A gallery of gifts for cat lovers and fine art to benefit cat rescue organizations.
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  5. Chocobay - chocolate heaven
    Chocobay is a collection of recipes, reviews, news tidbits about chocolates
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  6. Gold Medal Wine Club Blog
    Gold Medal Wine Club, celebrating 20 years of independent wine selections, offers 5 different series, for every taste and pocketbook: small, family-owned, award-winning winery selections from California, International, all Pinot Noir, and two levels of exclusive high-end wines, but at significant discounts. Choose your own length and shipment frequency and size. In our blog we discuss the wines we've discovered and the winemakers.
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  7. How To Know If Your Mate Is Cheating!
    Are They Really Cheating On You?
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  8. HowTo Get That Special One Back!! That Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, or Ex Lover Back
    This blog is about how to repair ones relationships with that Special One. Whether that be your Ex Girlfriend, Ex Boyfriend, Ex Wife, Ex Husband, and oh yes even your Ex Lover. This blog will tackle a host of relationship issues dealing with ones Break-Up and ones Reconciliation.
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    This is for those who think that love is for just playing around with. They think they can come and go at any time they please. Dr ASWAN says No So do you?
    Your partner will be back within 4 days with all the love you had together before and will be binded to love you alone forever. it doesn`t matter when he/she left you.
    just order our charm now.
    What Dr ASWAN
    About the LOST LOVE SPELL
    One of the things from which humans derive their greatest joy from is finding a person in which they have a deep friendship with. The joy comes from the great and memorable times shared with this people, the good times and the fun moments shared with these persons.
    Regrettably however, we have trouble setting in and these moments are never actually last the span that the two parties intended. Soon what was initially was a blissful and ecstatic life is reduced to a boring union filled with hate, resentment, suspicion and regret.
    The good news is that Dr ASWAN'S Lost Love Spell provides you with sure options that see you retrieve your
    lost love life. Dr ASWAN'S Lost Love Spell, provides you with a magic spell that will work to bring back to you your love which is probably somewhere else. Dr Aswan’s Lost love spell also guarantees you smooth love life after the restoration and a lasting solution to all your love problems.
    All you have to do is to play your part right and we will ask our powerful spirits to put in the best of their expertise and experience to ensure that the future of your relationship is guaranteed. The casting of the spell will immediately bring along with it great gains such as resolution, optimism and an awesome durable relationship.
    So if you are emotionally attached to a person and want to make it real by being hooked up physically, then this is just a matter of time for us. Make an appointment with Dr ASWAN for your Lost Love Spell today and see an end to all your love dilemmas. Hurry hurry, no disappointments!
    NB: Remember when your ordering for our love spell muthi, you must only order it for some one that you really love not for any other sake whatsoever as this Spell reverse proceeds is 80% difficult some times  impossible. Call Dr +27726403030 on
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  10. Kimberly Marie .net
    Personal site/weblog of a nearly-30 year old lesbian, who lives her life with her partner and a mini-zoo of animals. Blogs follows her life and includes her variety of interests.
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  11. love dating and relationship
    Awsome love, dating and relationship tips never before seen or heard anywhere else
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  12. My Life So far
    Personal blogging
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  13. No1 spell caster and traditional healer call +27734848769


    Are you looking for a powerful, Witch? Here is Prof ABDUL NGOBI the Witch, after years of successful casts. he has all the experience needed to understand how he can help you with your unique situation. He analyses your situation and help you. Are you really looking for a spell caster who can sort all your problems? Tell her about your situation.

    Revenge spells are cast very carefully in order to avoid any backfire, unlike the revenge spells cast by many of other spell casters who can be dangerous. You can check below the list of spells that I'm often being asked, but don't worry if your situation isn't explicitly described, you can still contact me and tell me about your situation, and I will check out if I can do something for you.

    Did someone cast a malicious spell upon you? If so, you can remove the effects of this spell with a protection spell, but you can also reverse the effects of the spell back to this person. It will take only a few days before that spell work. If you want, you can also ask me to enhance the effects of the curse so that the payback really worth it.

    In fact, it's not one spell that we will discuss here, but many spells. Each spell can have a specific effect on the physical health of someone. Therefore, you can cast a spell to have the following effects: make someone hairs fall, make someone teeth fall, make someone nails fall. If you ask me, I can also make the opposite and increase enormously the rise of hairs of any part of the body, or cause to someone intense stomach pain. For the most powerful spells of this category, know that you can also make someone blind or deaf..

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  14. Pets blog | Pets social networking blog, Pets community blog | Pet Lover Blog
    Love my pets is a pets social networking blog which is dedicated only to pet lovers
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  15. Relationship SOS
    Our greatest joy-and greatest pain comes in our relationships with others. When you break up with someone you love, you go through lots of painful emotions...Just say those significant letters SOS and you'll find help!
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  16. The Glass Kitchen SEO Blog
    The glass kitchen SEO blog is about the three things that i adore most in my life, SEO, Glass art and Kitchen with a little of the bread and butter of SEO which is link building.
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  17. The Music Enthusiast
    A blog all about music topics, components and etc.
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  18. Ultimate Sunflower Blog
    Added on Jun 6, 2007 | 851 Views | 
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