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  1. Adminchronicles
    Admin Chronicles is a one-stop resources for tips and tools for administrative professionals to prosper, succeed and achieve career success. We provide career advice, skill-building opportunities as well as job search strategies.
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  2. Ask Manny
    music reviews . movie + book commentaries . getting spiritual . talking 'bout diabetes . digging soccer . telling jokes . running silly contests . sharing photos . living life
    Added on Aug 27, 2006 | 2868 Views | 
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  3. Automotive Internet sales and marketing :: DealerRefresh.com
    Jeff Kershner offers his years of insight, obstacles and opinions as an automotive dealership Internet sales and marketing director. Resources to automotive dealer website marketing and design, Internet sales management tools, free spreadsheet reports and dealership CRM Internet sales and process training.
    Added on Oct 21, 2005 | 2230 Views | 
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  4. Automotive Service Jobs
    Automotive Service Jobs at Car dealerships
    Added on Dec 21, 2010 | 1869 Views | 
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  5. BlackBerry Leaks
    BlackBerry Leaks - all the latest BlackBerry news, reviews, prevews, videos, screenshots, downloads, and more
    Added on Nov 1, 2009 | 1657 Views | 
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  6. C.Rice Global Blog
    This blog has been created with the concept that leaders are not born, they are trained! With the right guidance and attitude, anyone can achieve success. The main focus areas of this blog are sales recruiting, training, and staffing.
    Added on May 15, 2014 | 999 Views | 
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  7. Case Act - Apartment Building Manager
    CaseAct offers case tracking services in landlord - tenant disputes and helps minimize rent losses in the management of multi-family New York City real estate. CaseAct, works with a team of web technology experts and was formed by a NYC real estate management professional and licensed broker who offers more than 20 years of experience. For more information, visit www.CaseAct.com.
    Added on Sep 9, 2011 | 1718 Views | 
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  8. CEI Compliance
    UK Financial Services Regulatory News and comment
    Added on Feb 26, 2012 | 1366 Views | 
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  9. Clive Sexton's Interim Management Blog
    This blog focuses on the worlds of Interim Management, Interim Managers themselves, global resourcing and business change, news, events and trends generally.
    Added on Feb 25, 2008 | 1374 Views | 
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  10. Coaching Businesses to Success Frequent Blog
    Great ideas to grow your business through getting the best from all your people
    Added on Nov 14, 2005 | 1423 Views | 
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  11. Fdmanager24 | Freedom Download Manager Direct Download
    fdmanager24.com is the fdm download site. you can also various software from here.
    Added on Apr 24, 2015 | 817 Views | 
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  12. Hire and Retain Top Talent Blog
    Hiring Manager Training, Workshops, Seminars, Solutions, Services and Resources for finding, sourcing, assessing, evaluating, interviewing, selecting and retaining top talent candidates.
    Added on Aug 28, 2009 | 1213 Views | 
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  13. How can you save money in college days?
    "www.kick-assbudget.com A budget app helps to manage your money quickly and efficiently, now you can find budget apps quickly and easily.
    In other words money manager in your pocket in these days."
    Added on May 20, 2013 | 1251 Views | 
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  14. How to manage small projects
    To provide support, tips and practical ways to apply project management skills to any project, especially those facing small businesses and "accidental" project managers (those who've falled into being a project manager and need help to get started.)
    Added on May 7, 2012 | 1405 Views | 
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  15. HR Corner
    This blog will contain content from top to bottom related to HR activities
    Added on Sep 22, 2008 | 944 Views | 
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  16. hrshopperblog
    Meeting place for human resource professionals, consultants, and educators to exchange ideas, opinions, best practices and suggestions for improving the HR function.
    Added on Nov 7, 2006 | 1050 Views | 
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  17. IDM Internet Download Manager Free Download
    IDM - Internet Download Manager. Download IDM from bestdownloadidm.com. IDM is the best download manager on the web.
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  18. It's very useful app!
    Have been looking at this app for awhile because I wanted an application who securely store my online identity and personal information on my mobile device. Wanted all my personal data to be safe but also I to have access to them wherever I may be.

    I found an advertising of this application and I decided to try 30-day trial version of Password Genie. After 30 days to use of this app can say I am very satisfied with this application. This app helped me to escape worry that I will not forget something very important. Password Genie lets you securely take your information with you wherever you go.

    Once downloaded, Password Genie installation is simple. After installation, I create my personal pass code and all done within just a couple of minutes.

    It's easy to use because can organize my data by categories and create personal folders.I love this. Is a well organized app with bookmark your favorite sites and auto-launch web pages. Very useful for me.
    Using this app I can save all of my usernames and passwords in one secure location so I never have to write them down on paper again.

    To store your passwords in Password Genie, launch the program and enter your username and password into a Saved Login form. You can easily view and edit all your saved logins and other categories at any time from your home screen. To access your saved login, press the URL or 'Go' button from the saved login and Password Genie will automatically fill your information into the webpage. No copying and pasting to your device's clipboard required!

    A very important thing is install and synchronize with the Password Genie Mac and PC desktop companion to access all my information from work, home, or on the go.

    Password Genie automatically synchronizes with all your devices where Password Genie is installed and with the Mac and PC desktop companion you can synchronize across all your computers as well.

    Accessing and retrieving information is very easy. To access your saved information, navigate to your Password Genie category list and choose the entry from the convenient dropdown menu.

    You can adding new entries very fast. To begin adding new entries in Password Genie, launch the program and press "Add New Entry." You can then choose the category you would like to create the entry for. Password Genie has 11 categories available to you and allows you create a custom category.

    It's a very safe app because Password Genie uses industrial-strength encryption and security. With Password Genie only you have access to your information. This application provides everything I need for to securely store my online identity and personal information. It works like an electronic wallet.

    It's the perfect app for to save internet bookmarks, logins and passwords. Is a stable and secure app. Overall this is a great app. It's never been so easy to save passwords and personal information. Five stars for my experience with Password Genie.
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  19. Jobs For Everyone
    Career, Jobs, Contract position, intel, microsoft
    Added on Jun 4, 2008 | 1316 Views | 
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  20. Luminaire Media
    In late 2018, Luminaire was launched as a platform for developers to join a network of young professionals. We connect with creatives, students, and the enterprise through the shared ambition of spearheading trends in the economic and educational sectors.
    Added on Dec 10, 2018 | 3727 Views | 
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