February 25, 2020

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  1. About Ravi Kumar Nakirikanti
    I, Ravi Kumar Nakirikanti am a proficient and a very smart and also creative person. I am an Art spouse. I live in the state of Pennsylvania United States. I(Ravi Nakirikanti) educated in Artistic Expression.
    Ravi Nakirikanti likes meeting new people and exploring new places and studying their culture and also understanding about the things as well as their ways of living.
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  2. Interests of Ravi kumar Nakirikanti
    Hi,My self Ravi kumar Nakirikanti ,My nature is very friendly and very interesting and he makes people around him very happy and comfortable and learning new cultures always interests me.
    Ravi Kumar Nakirikanti has not written any long pieces and only has worked with short pieces, Ravi kumar also loves to creates portraits of the individuals and places that wrap around him or the places where he visits and take a look at
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