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  1. Business Cards Tips
    Want to know how to make your business cards pull in more leads and more sales?
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  2. Covering 360-Degree through Right Marketing Mix
    For most of the businesses, especially small and mid size, the real challenge lies in marketing the business. It is often a hard task to understand the market, position the offering and then identify the right channel to promote the business. The right marketing strategy and execution can give you a brand name. Recognized brand name means more customers and more customers in turn means more revenue.

    With the rise in Internet awareness, online marketing seems to be the buzz word and most of the business owners have started taking a keen interest in that. It is no doubt that online marketing is a very powerful and effective medium for awareness creation and business promotion. However, businesses cannot depend on any one ‘type’ of marketing – be it online or offline. There has to be a good mix of marketing activities. 360 degree marketing is what the word what we have coined for the same. What do we mean by that? We mean that the businesses need to invest in all types of marketing efforts such as offline marketing (including print, billboards, brochures and leaflets, road shows etc) as well as online marketing (including search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing etc).
    In this blog post, we try to describe each of these ways in little detail:
    Online Marketing:
    Online marketing involves the ways through which you can reach out to a wider target audience through the use of Internet. Some of the popular ways for this are:
    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Website is a must if you are serious about your online marketing efforts. All your online campaigns need to land on your website. So a well designed website which describes your products and services properly is mandatory. Once you have designed your website, you need to ensure that it gets listed on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. For this, you need to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the same. Once your website is SEO optimized for a certain set of keywords, whenever users type those keywords in the search engines, your website can get listed with very high ranking. SEO is a specialized task so it is recommended to seek expert guidance on this.
    2. Email Marketing: Email is one of the most preferred ways of reaching out to your target user group. Emails prove to be non intrusive and yet very effective in impactful communication about your product and services. The success of email campaigns heavily depends on text in email campaign, the design of the campaign, the subscriber list to which the emails are sent and the system using which the systems are dispatched. Therefore, you need to pay equal attention to all these aspects.
    3. Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, Bibo are some of the very popular social media networks. These social media platforms are great for reaching to a very wide audience through viral effect. Each platform offers a unique benefit, and if used correctly, these can be extremely useful in rapidly growing the brand awareness.
    4. ePress Releases: ePress Releases help you create online brand awareness. A successful and impactful press release is the one which is aptly written to describe the news properly, portrays the company vision and also demonstrates the company’s position accurately. Once written, you can also publicize the press release to various press release publishing sites which help you in promoting the same.
    5. Paid Advertisement: There are various options such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ad, LinkedIn ads, which help you display your ads on these popular networks. These ads are mostly textual, with some image support. The charges are either based on the number of clicks on the ads or based on number of times the ads were shown. Usually these ads need to be created with certain restrictions on number of characters and lines. So hire a good copywriter who can create impactful ads for you. Each of these platforms offer variety of other benefits like geo targeted ads, network supported ads. Once you start using these platforms, you can explore these advanced features.
    Offline Marketing:
    Offline marketing involves the ways through which you can try and reach out to a target group in certain geography. Some of the popular ways for this are:
    1. Newspaper ads: The reach of such ads is equal to the circulation of the newspaper. If you know that your target user group is a regular reader of a particular newspaper, ads in those newspapers often prove to be a wise investment. Remember that you cannot stop by doing just one ad. To be able to make a significant impact, you need to continue with the branding for a longer duration.
    2. Billboards: Billboards are effective ways for catching attention of the by passers. Here, the selection of the area is an important aspect. Just because a particular area is usually crowded does not mean that it is the most suitable area for you. You need to choose a location where you believe your target audience will be present and notice the billboard. Don’t forget to add a clear action item like call or visit to website in the ad.
    3. Brochures and leaflets: These are useful for providing quick information about your product and services. Usually used at conferences, events or even in mailing, leaflets and brochures can be effective in spreading the news about your business.
    4. Road Shows: Road shows are typically done for a product launch or on a specific day to attract attention of the mass in general.
    5. Conferences and Events: Participation in conferences and events is a great way to do branding and forming a one-on-one connection with your target audience.
    Once you understand the benefits of each of the marketing activity, you can form a good mix of the activities to yield maximum results from those. Remember, marketing is not a one-time activity. You need to continuously invest and spend time in quality marketing – for effective and impactful branding, promotion and lead generation.
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    Directory for MLM Consultancy, Free Tutorials on ANY MLM, Answers to FAQs & Comments/queries, Motivation, Discussions and practical problem solving by expert MLM Achievers & Leaders, innovative earning opportunities-Online/Offline, related news and updates, FREE professional guidance.
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  4. DP2Web : The Direct Path to Web
    DP2Web is a one point destination to satiate your desire for News, Marketing Tips, Offers, Reviews and more. We also Aims to bring the World on Web by offering A2Z Web Services (including SEO, SEM, Web Designing, Mobile Applications, SMM, Blog Development, etc).
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  5. Empower Network
    I'm offering everyone a simple, three step formula to the Lucrative Solution of a complicated Online Marketing World.
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  6. Empowering Wealth.
    Learn How To Make Residual Income Money Online.Income Disclaimer These claims do not make a guarantee for your success.
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  7. Everything You Want(IamMitul)
    The Much You Explore The Site The More You Will Get.
    IamMitul Shares Fun, Tricks, Free downloads, Wallpapers, Games, Magazines, Poems, Thoughts, Stories, Ebooks and Much More.
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  8. Home Buddies
    usually about what interests me as a mom (parent), friend, blogger, teacher, student, boss; how I earn offline and online; my product reviews
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  9. How To Earn xtra Money Online
    collection of Articles of How to's; SEO, earn extra money, blogging, selling products, affiliate programs, joint ventures
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  10. MLM Profiting Foward
    Learn about MLM
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  11. Power Packed Business Growth
    Comments on useful marketing and business sites. Or simply comments on business as they occur.
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  12. Rogue Ad Man's Journal
    Quirky, Unique, Marketing Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs
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  13. Success Mafia
    We have the tools you need for your online or offline business success.
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  14. The Easy Grip!
    A blog about the latest and new technology, gadgets, promos, sales, money making and online opportunities, saving options, adventure and travel spots, free items online and offline, internet world, and anything and everything in between, including personal bits of the blogger!
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  15. Unique Online & Offline Busienss Ideas
    A great resource for entrepreneurs to find unique and unusual business ideas. The ultimate aim is to create a hub of business ideas both online and offline. Read and get inspired!
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  16. Unusual business blog
    Blog of a lady - owner of a small travel agency in a little European country.
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  17. Wealth, Wellness, Marketing
    A wealth of information on everything that will keep you wealthy and healthy mixed with sound marketing advice for people just getting started. These are my passions.

    Find nutrition information, recipes, marketing advice for beginners as well as advanced marketers.

    Also calm your mind and be at peace. Learn how to live a more peaceful, health and prosperous life!
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