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  1. Photo Favors in New York
    Verita Vision provides professional quality digital photography for weddings, engagements, green screen photo favors, sweet 16, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and other events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, web design and development.
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  2. Planning Software
    Project software does a lot more than what you think. Using this tool will cause a major impact on how well your projects be developed. It has a built in tracking and monitoring program that can follow any project detail that a project manager desires to follow
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  3. Post Carbon Cities Weekly Blog
    Post Carbon Cities staff write about how local governments are preparing for energy and climate uncertainty.
    Added on May 9, 2008 | 743 Views | 
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    Parenting tips to make life easier!
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  5. Praise More Powerful
    Resources for worshipers and worship leaders
    Added on Dec 28, 2006 | 861 Views | 
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  6. Pro Wedding Ideas
    Wedding Saving Guides and Wedding Planning Tips
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  7. Productive Details
    Planning your life in a paper planner. Tips and advice.
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  8. Professional Asset Protection
    Providing informative information concerning asset protection and estate preservation
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  10. Project Management Program
    The Project Management Program blog is about the many project management tools that the modern day project manager has at their disposal in planning projects.
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  11. Project Management Software Blog
    Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific engineering project goals and objectives. We are talking here about consistent project plans, resources allocation and workload analysis, work progress tracking, cost estimation, budgets managing and alternatives for Microsoft Project Software.
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  12. Project Management Tips || Project Management, Collaboration and Knowledge Management Blog
    PMtips.net is a collaborative blog about project management, collaboration, knowledge management and everything in between.
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  13. Project Management Tool
    The project management tool that is very useful in the project management templates. This tool can be used online or at the office. It is all dependent if the project management software program is on the company’s server. By the program being placed on the server, access to it and all of the project management tools it contains can then be accessed from any place in the world that has an internet connection.
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  14. Project Noriel Shares a Blog
    This blog site is an extension of Project Noriel Online Marketing Group with website www.projectnoriel.com. This blog aims to deliver up-to-date information on internet marketing, information technology, enterprise resource planning, business consulting and project management.

    Project Noriel Online Marketing Group is a freelance project management consulting company with the primary goal of building websites, promoting products and services, improving the supply chain management operation of small and medium companies, and honing the skills and expertise of people, organizations, companies and corporations. One of the many services of this group is to provide online and offline marketing solutions that are base on the latest technology and well-proven techniques and strategies in marketing. We are a diverse freelance marketing group.

    Because we are a project management consulting group, we provide professional services to entrepreneurs, business owners, students, organizations, companies, professionals and individuals who are looking into the optimistic side of their life – growth for success. With these services that we cited above, our ultimate goal to our every client is to give an end result – an end result that works. That is the ultimate reason on why our tag line is: “Let’s make it happen“. You will consult to us. We will work together in accomplishing your needs.

    We want our clients, with the best we can, understand first the scope and coverage of our offered professional services. We are a diverse group and for that reason we are publishing our specific guidelines on how to avail each of our services. We are as open as saying – “Consult only if you can’t do the job. Pay only if the job has been done“. For this we mean straightforward and honest business. You should 100% benefit with the end result of the service that we delivered to you. You will pay us only if a goal has been achieved on your end.
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  15. Project Planning Software
    The Project Planning Software blog is devoted to training project managers in project planning and task management and the various software options available for managing projects.
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  16. Prudence With Money
    Financial Planning, Retirement planning and Investment
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  17. PurpleTrail party planning and event invitations Blog
    PurpleTrail is a free, next generation, event invitations management tool for organizing great parties. Using PurpleTrail you can easily create invitations and plan a party, from the web or your mobile phone.
    Added on Nov 1, 2007 | 928 Views | 
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    The place to enhance your knowledge about unit trust and personal finance. Feel free to to give comments and ask questions.
    Added on Jan 14, 2007 | 810 Views | 
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  19. Random Facts about Important Stuff
    A fun little post about our sometimes twisted American wedding traditions
    Added on Aug 30, 2010 | 811 Views | 
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  20. Retirement As You Want It
    Tips, Resources, Reflections, Book Reviews, News, and Interviews for Baby Booomers and Third Agers looking toward a challenging, inspirational retirement reflecting personal style and values.
    Added on Apr 28, 2007 | 761 Views | 
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