January 19, 2021

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  1. How real-life renovation is different from HGTV (Part 2)
    Anyone who watches “reality” TV knows that there are elements of fantasy mixed in with reality. After all, there has to be enough drama to keep you interested in staying through the commercial breaks and move along fast enough that it covers everything important in its allotted time spot (which is about 42 minutes once you’ve taken off time for advertising).

    That’s part of the reason why HGTV shows make home renovation look quicker and simpler than it really is. In the previous article, Forbes.com contributor Ian Altman explained his nightmarish experience with a general contractor who signed a contract and immediately started complaining he wasn’t earning any money. Unfortunately, his troubles didn’t end there, and yours might not either.

    The disappearing electrician

    After firing his general contractor, Altman was left with the task of finding and hiring an electrician who’s prices would fit within his budget. He selected an electrician named Jason who settled on a fixed price for the project and plans moved forward, for once.

    However, with just a day or two left of work left, Jason mysteriously vanished from the job site and didn’t return for several days. Altman recounted, “I asked him when he would return to complete the work. . . . Five times he failed to show up as promised.” Finally, Jason admitted he was too busy with a commercial project he’d landed and further explained, “I’m done with houses anyway. It’s way too much hassle for zero money.”

    A contractor is bound to his contract

    So what’s your takeaway from all this? First of all, realize it isn’t your problem if a contractor signs a contract with an agreed-upon price and then complains about it later. If they didn’t feel it was worth their time, they shouldn’t have agreed to do the work in the first place. Do your homework to find out how much the project should cost and then ask several contractors to submit bids. And remember, you’ll get what you pay for.

    Get referrals before hiring anyone

    Second, when looking for contractors, ask around for referrals, read online reviews, and take everything you hear with a grain of salt. A drawback of online reviews is that people tend to only post extreme viewpoints—you’ll see little middle ground or neutral feedback. Personal referrals from people you know well are the best kind to go by, especially if you’re able to visit the person to see the contractor’s finished product. Don’t rely on the pictures on the contractor’s website as proof of the kind of work he’s done. If a contractor turns out to be fraudulent or unreliable, some of the blame will go to you for hiring him.

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    Source: forbes.com/sites/ianaltman/2015/02/09/nightmare-home-renovation-what-hgtv-forgot-to-tell-you/

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  2. Affordable Home Improvements Wv
    Affordable Home Improvements in Elkview, West Virginia, is a home improvement company providing maintenance and repair services to standard and mobile home owners in our area. We are firm believers in doing it right the first time! Our customers really appreciate the affordable pricing we offer for high-quality workmanship. We have been in business for more than 25 years, and our team has more than 20 years of experience.
    Contact a home improvement company dedicated to restoring the value and rejuvenating the style of your home
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  3. Arizona Septic System Design
    Other than websites for the counties and the state, and some information on the University of Arizona’s education site, there is a lack of internet information on septic system design in Arizona for homeowners, designers, or installers. My intent is to discuss the process of designing a system with all of the steps and possibilities to help educate my clients and others.
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  4. Basic guide to help improve your septic system
    Most of us feared that their homes septic system may fail which may lead to water puddles, soggy yard and foul smell. However home owner education helps in eliminating the major fears that are associated with living in house with septic tank system.
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  5. Be Enchanted
    Be Enchanted is a lifestyle gift store where you can find gifts, natural soaps, hypnosis CD's and many more. In this blog Be Enchanted provides lifestyle tips, hypnosis tips and their business updates.
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  6. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Arlington, TX Offers Tips to Keep Water Warm All Winter Long
    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Arlington, TX has been offering tips to keep water warm during the winter season.
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  7. Choosing the best time to upgrade your plumbing system
    We often try to save money by not upgrading old system. A good example is toilet or kitchen systems. However repairing the old system can be higher than buying a new system .All we have to do is careful consideration of timely up gradation.
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    Valuable info on do it yourself projects and facts.
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  9. DIY Plumbing With Your Seattle Plumber
    The best plumber in Seattle shares his tips and tricks with you.
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  10. Drain Cleaning From Expert Plumbers
    Blocked drains are one of the most common problems people face in their daily lives. This problem may occur at any point of time in your kitchen or garage or bathroom, or even in your drain pipes. Wherever it occurs, it poses a huge trouble for the homeowners and may end up with heavy expenditure.
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  11. Eco Hardware Store
    Unheard of just a few years ago, many people (commercial, industrial and do it yourself) are turning to websites like EcoHardwareStore.com to buy paints, tools, electrical, plumbing, hardware, housewares, lawn/garden and auto/outdoor supplies.
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  12. Electrician Apprentice
    Turning into an electrican apprentice understudy is a great vocation move. As per the U.s. Agency of Labor Statistics, work development for electrical is relied upon to remain stable throughout the following 10 years. The larger part of electrical experts launch their professions by selecting in an electrical technician apprenticeship. These projects join at work preparing with classes taught by finished electrical experts. These systems will take in the vicinity of four years to finish.
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  13. Electronic Invoicing Profit Pal App
    What really is the Profit Pal App all about.To put it in easy to understand terms, it’s an app that was designed to benefit small businesses of all types.
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  14. eLocalPlumbers Blog: Get Plumbing Advice, News, & Articles
    Read the #1 source for plumbing advice, news, and articles. From DIY to humor, the eLocalPlumbers Blog has it all.
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  15. Emergency Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Services
    Dr Draino provides premier plumbing and drain cleaning services in Melbourne, and we are committed to great customer services and cost-effective solutions. We’re interested in all things plumbing. In this article, we look at some interesting plumbing facts that might actually surprise you!
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  16. Fix Your Home
    Home Improvement Tips and Ideas
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  17. Fluid Plumbing
    Free advice and tips on plumbing from a time-served plumber. Fluid Plumbing are also Gas Safe registered heating engineers. You can get free tips on gas boilers, central heating issues and more.
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  18. Gentec Services Inc Blog
    Gentec Services, Inc., the SF Bay Area's most trusted team of HVAC and electrical specialists, is here to bring you energy saving tips, money saving specials, industry news, and a whole lot more.
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  19. Global Procurement Portal
    Bids, Tendersfor the Water and Wastewater Industries
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  20. Good reasons for Picking the Electrical Contractors
    The organizations and peoples now have very excellent facts about the electrical testing and safety that helps make the electrical contractors Sydney a lot more accountable and to get the occupation performed efficiently. This delivers the users with very good electrician companies that in flip make the contractors to give their biggest for all.
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