July 14, 2020

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  1. 8 Tips To Prevent Food Poisoning This Holiday Season
    Prevent food poisoning from happening this coming holiday season.

    The season for endless merry making, food galores, parties and get-together is about to come. During the holiday season, expect to have your calendar booked again with parties and endless get togethers. Most families, friends and other relatives get together at these coming months. When we plan these get togethers, everything centers on where you're going to eat, what you want to eat, etc. Festivities are synonymous with food.
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  2. Food Poisoning News Salmonella E Coli Botulism
    Everything relating to food poisoning, Salmonella, E Coli, Botulism and recalled food products, what to do if you have eaten a tainted food product and what foods are affected.
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  3. Lead Poisoning. Lead Paint
    Lead poisoning and lead paint information. What to do about lead in your home
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  4. News You Can Use
    A news blog to protect you and your family covering the latest recalls, drug alerts, safety warnings, and urgent information regarding food poisoning, medical news, and more.
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