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  1. how to gain power for self improvement & reach personal power
    this blog is about power gain,self improvement also how to gain personal power to change your life forever & gain power in other words personal power can make you wealthy cause human do not run on auto pilot nd some time at any stage of our life's even when we at our wisest of knowledge and wisdom we still need to maintain our way of thinking staying, positive and much more to stay on point to keep our mind power & personal power , find your personal power today
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  2. Smart Kit Brain Enhancement Blog
    A blog about memory improvement and brain enhancement by Dr. R.L. Kaplan, author of the Smartkit: Student Guidebook, which provides students with practical tips on how to achieve academic success via intelligent use of their brain.
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  3. *Meaning and Powerful of Tiger Eye beaded bracelets
    Learn and Enjoy to*Meaning and Powerful of Tiger Eye beaded bracelets. And Enter to Shopping Tiger Bracelets Store.
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  4. A word from heaven
    A blog dedicated to our lord Jesus Christ. It contains articles which ranges from apologetics, to leadership, to our personal walk with God. I hope it will empower Christians all over the world to do something great for God
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  5. Abundance!
    Developing a more positive attitude to life. Helping others to feel more positive. Achieving more and becoming richer. Changing despair into expectation of good things. Not fearing to fail. Feeling gratitude. Finding happiness and joy in life. Being successful and wise.
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    Different family blog with interesting stories and articles from drug prevention to paranormal experiences
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  7. All About Presentation
    More than PowerPoint...it's all about presentation.
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  8. All about Survival Preparedness -Food-Clothing-Power-Water and More
    This blog is to help people be prepared for any disaster that may occur.

    From the URL above there are links to -->

    Emergency Power, Backpacks, Camping Supplies, Cooking, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Food, First Aid Kit, Water Purification Tablets just to name a few with the catergories and items continually changing.

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  9. Alphatech5 | Renewable Energy News
    News and information about Energy, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy related Technology news.
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  10. Alphatech5.com Blog
    News and information about Energy, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy related Technology news.
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  11. Alternative energy, green & eco-friendly business
    For renewable power, alternative energy, green & eco-friendly business, solar power, wind energy, electric car...
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  12. Alternative Resources
    Alternative energy product that have positive impacts on environment.Alternative Energy Product and Technology Reviews.
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  13. AMBRANE INDIA- Technology in your life!!
    Ambrane India Pvt. Ltd. has been providing superior technology at a cypher of the cost. We produce number of products, ranging from Mini Laptops to Wireless Mouse, all competitively priced and emerged for day to day life of a common man.
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  14. American Cordsets Industries offers Reliable and High-Quality Coiled Cord
    American Cordsets Industries was established in 1991, and since then we have been specializing in a line of products and power connection tools such as wiring harness, coiled cord, extension cord, power supply cord, locking plug, and processed wire
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  15. Author Brian Brown - Author, Script-Writer, Media Producer, and Aspiring R&B Artist
    This site holds information on how to obtain true success and happiness through the use of the subconscious mind and the law of manifestation. Various spiritual, metaphysical, entertainment, and popular news topics are also discussed.
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  16. Awakening Consciousness Healing From the Inside-Out
    An exploration of consciousness and the power of the mind.
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    I'm COOKIE CUTTER GIRL, 21st Century POP SUPERHERO! Welcome to my "BE A HERO" BLOG GROUPS. Think your voice doesn't matter? THINK AGAIN! *YOU* can make a difference. Small changes *you* make will add up to BIG CHANGE. *YOU* are 1 LINK in the chain of our world. CONNECT YOURSELF, discover your "INNER SUPERHERO" & CHANGE YOUR WORLD!
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  18. Being Health For Wealth
    Healthy living leads productivity and wealthy. All the tips, news and articles are about health and wealth.
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  19. bio briquettes
    The success of the briquette biomass technology was not only in its simplicity, but in the fact that it offered a sustainable income, generating opportunity. Not only are biomass briquettes easy to make, but they allow the rural and urban poor to make money in the process. By replacing firewood and charcoal with bio briquettes, producers can increase their income by 20%. Income generation along with saving the environment makes a sustainable solution to poverty reduction.

    Biomass briquettes are typically made of organic materials, mostly green waste or anything high in nitrogen that burns. That includes such things as grass; plant husks; hulls and stalks; ground nut shells; wood waste; waste paper and cardboard; and food and animal waste, including municipal solid waste.

    Biomass briquettes or Briquetting of Biomass in the local language has brought biomass blazing to the most difficult of developed industries across the country. the fuel has not seen any significant use in great scale business until now. Briquette Press is used to manufacture best class and good mass fuel briquettes from agro-forestry waste.

    When waste products that would normally be discarded are used to create biomass briquettes they are considered a renewable and sustainable energy source. Many individuals and businesses, including power plants, want to use that type of energy.
    Biomass briquettes are more environmentally friendly than some other energy sources. They produce a lower amount of greenhouse gases than fossil fuels do because biomass briquettes are made of waste materials that were already part of the carbon cycle.

    When biomass is obtained as briquette it can be used in mechanical and production industries where boilers are used. By the means of these boilers electricity is produced from steam. Even some of the countries are solely dependent on bio briquette to generate electricity. The most common use of the briquettes is in the developing countries, where energy sources are not as widely available.
    There has been a move to the use of biomass briquettes in the developed world through the use of cofiring, when the briquettes are combined with coal in order to create the heat supplied to the boiler.

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  20. Biomass Briquetting Press-An engineered technology
    The Biomass Briquetting press has been a part of such a technology which has now been an accepted tool globally. Such a mechanical device has been a successful package which has been approved by the International standards.
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