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  1. 40 Million Saved by US Government on Biometrics Process Improvement
    The US military saved 40 million dollars from a process improvement project using process simulation. When a combatant bomb explodes (similar to what happened at the Boston Marathon) in Afghanistan, the pieces are gathered up, scanned and sent to an advanced biometrics group in the United States. With sophisticated equipment the remains of the explosive device are scrutinized to provide evidence of the origin, tactics, trends, etc. Actionable intelligence leads to changes in US military strategy and tactics to thwart IEDs and minimize loss. Timely response is critical to making informed decisions that will save lives.
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  2. A Guide To Self Induce Labor Techniques
    If you are in the final stage of labor you can use self induce labor techniques to bring on the labor process. These techniques are safe provided you fulfill two conditions.
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  3. Automation Software Blog by Automation Anywhere
    News, Views and Information from Automation Anywhere about its company and award winning automation software and automated testing software – Automation Anywhere & Testing Anywhere.
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  4. Band of Brothers - Vietnam Veterans
    A website built by a Vietnam Veteran for Vietnam Veterans to keep up with the latest information that has an effect on their lives.
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  5. Blog on Project Management
    Welcome to – a Blog that helps professionals preparing for a Project Management Certification and working Project Managers keep track of the latest PM buzz on the globe.
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  6. Business Optix
    Business Optix provides proven Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions to clients who are proactively seeking to quickly leverage cost savings and efficiencies by Cloud-enabling their business process and operating models.

    The Business Optix platform has over 8000 users from large multinational and national corporations covering the FMCG, Construction, IT & Telecoms, Public & Third Sectors, Banking & Insurance, and Life Sciences markets. Our solutions enable organisations and their people to be more productive – in decision-making, client acquisition, profitability management and operational optimisation.

    Customers such as British Telecom, Johnson&Johnson, Cancer Research and Reed Exhibitions have benefited from significant cost and resource savings, and increases in efficiencies and customer satisfaction, both internal and external.

    Established in 2006, Business Optix operates primarily in the UK and US markets with a senior team whose pedigree totals over 60 man-years of expertise in the BPM market. Our consultancy and training services are underpinned by this easy to use and collaborative platform that incorporates all interaction points between people, processes and technologies.
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  7. Business Process Model Helps To Know The Interconnection In Business
    Business process mapping implies an existing set of business processes that a business analyst maps in order to determine the business, the people responsible for it and the standard processes to be followed and adhered to. To achieve long-term corporate goals, process mapping software helps in numerous smaller scenarios which involve individual processes or a group of inter-related processes by enhancing or optimizing them. Thus, it is one of the important aspects of business process development. Business process model tools provide a graphical representation of business processes.
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  8. Business Process Outsourcing | Outsourcing Biz
    Get information about leading provider of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in USA, research, analaytics, insights and successes of the clients.
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  9. Business Process Outsourcing Services
    With attrition rates varying between 25% to 30% in any given year, the business process outsourcing industry may well be the leader in that context.
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  10. Business reporting and Analysis that talk
    Examples, real cases and concrete tips on how to create effective business reporting and analysis and how make the best use of it all.
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  11. Case Act - Apartment Building Manager
    CaseAct offers case tracking services in landlord - tenant disputes and helps minimize rent losses in the management of multi-family New York City real estate. CaseAct, works with a team of web technology experts and was formed by a NYC real estate management professional and licensed broker who offers more than 20 years of experience. For more information, visit
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  12. Casewise Blog
    Casewise - A globally recognized leader in the provision of Business Process Analysis, Management, Modeling, Improvement, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, Risk and Compliance software and Consultancy Solutions. check the blog section for more.
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  13. CBG News and Updates
    CBG Inc keeps subscribers up to date on news and events, experts' opinions, analytical reports, new standards, practical tips, and hands-on methods.
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  14. CMMI Services - CMMI Certification, CMMI Assessment, CMMI Training, CMMI Appraisal, CMMI Lead Appraiser, SCAMPI Assessments, Process Improvements
    DQS Certification provides CMMI services - CMMI Consulting, CMMI Training and CMMI Assessments like SCAMPI (SM) – with a very sharp focus on client business objectives.
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  15. Community of ac drives, green energy, automation, process control and so on.
    Community of frequency inverters, renewable energy, automation, process control and so on. You can share your experience or idea here with the people in the world for ac drive, green energy.
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  16. Critical Thinking Cafe
    An interactive cafe serving practical insights, fresh ideas and effective tools for solving problems, innovating solutions, making decisions, and preventing problems before they happen.
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  17. Digital Business Transformation Blog
    Covering insights and observations about digital change and how it is evolving business strategy, people, process, customers, content, measurement and technology.
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  18. DQS Certification CMMI Services
    DQS Certification provides CMMI ® Services to top level corporates in diverse sectors of the Industry. DQS Certification is an Authorized SEI Transition Partner to provide CMMI Services.
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  19. Entrepreneur Express
    Entrepreneur do things that are not generally done in the ordinary course of business. Some entrepreneurs become celebrities...others become ridiculed for their failed dreams. All contribute to the spirit of free enterprise. Entrepreneur Express is an Exploration of a Dream in the Making!!!
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  20. Fashion Jewelry | Lates Trend - JewelryNest
    JewelryNest’s feature articles on the latest topics in fine jewelry. Blogs include latest trends, gemstone education, shopping online for jewelry and more. Always informative, educational and up to date
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