March 29, 2020

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  1. AFTERPROM.COM hosts the hottest After-Prom events in New York City. Whether guests are looking for a nightclub with a celebrity DJ or a cruise with dancing and spectacular views, we have the ticket!

    Prom 2012 is going to be great with the After-Prom Cruise, Crimson and El Morocco! Be sure to check in on all the Prom Buzz, Prom Fashion, Prom Planning tips, Prom Parties, Prom tuxedos, Prom Photographers, Prom Flowers and Prom Limos. We have it ALL here right on the blog. Our team has great ideas and suggestions on how to make Prom 2012 a night to remember.

    New York Prom nights are the best! There are so many Prom parties to chose from but we’ll help you narrow it down. Need a Prom Limo? We know the best companies. Need a Prom Tuxedo for your date? We can suggest the stores with discounts!

    Our events are packed with celebrity DJs! Past events we’ve had DJ Hollywood, DJ Enuff, DJ Camilo, DJ Rob Dinero, DJ Self, DJ Friday and many more. Our DJs have rocked out for years at our legendary After Prom parties at: Copacabana, El Morocco, Crimson, Duvet, Columbus 72 and of course, the After Prom cruises!
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  2. Bridal Party and Wedding Dress
    You are not sure what to wear for the bridal party? Well, consider this. If you are one of the bridesmaids, there is a good chance that you won’t really need to worry about this. The bride usually has a pretty clear idea about what they expect from their friends during the bridal party, and the ceremony itself.
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  3. Duct Tape Fashion - Find sites, news, patterns, & products about duct tape
    I just love duct tape fashions. So here is a collection of duct tape fashion sites, news, patterns, & products we have found.
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  4. Fashion Trends Know How
    This blog gives information about latest trends in fashion, tips on how to select dresses, shoes, for various ocasions depending on latest trends
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  5. Fashionable World
    Gowns of fashion and style
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  6. Sexi Maxi - Reliable Prom Dresses Shop
    Sexi Maxi is one of designer women's clothing showroom, which provides prom dresses, baby doll dresses for women and all type of evening gowns at affordable price.
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  7. The News 247
    The blog incepted on 23rd Jan 2012 and since then we have started a long journey in the New world. We write on Tech News, General News, Bollywood Buzz, Finance News and on Life Style.
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  8. Wedding Dresses
    Wedding dresses, a part of every wedding ceremony that rarely can get neglected. The bride needs to look like the most beautiful lady on that occasion and the groom the most hunky male all around, and the couple the best looking couple their. And the most perfectly crafted dress will be bringing the desired look for them on the occasion
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  9. Women and Men Fashion | Style | Clothing | Makeup Tips |
    We are providing news and views about new fashion and style trends including dressing, makeup, women accessories, nail art, wrist tattoos and etc also about men's fashion and style.
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