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  1. Why Medical assessment is important before or during Ramadan for diabetic patients
    Fasting during Ramadan, a holy month of Islam, is a moral duty for all healthy adult Muslims. However, there are exceptions to this. Anyone who is ill or has medical conditions do not have to fast. This includes people with diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient and planning to fast, it is important that you speak to your diabetes healthcare team as early as possible before Ramadan begins.

    Here we are highlighting some possible metabolic complications and how you can manage them.

    Risks associated with fasting in patients with diabetes:


    Fall of blood sugar under the normal levels. Decreased food intake is a well-known reason for Hypoglycemia. How to Manage: Limit your physical activity during the fasting period and be more active after the sunset. Never miss your Suhoor meal and also consult with your doctor to modify medicine dosage & timings.


    Rise of blood sugar above normal levels. Overeating after the fast is broken is the main cause for this. How to Manage: Controlling the diet during Iftar meal. Check your blood sugar levels frequently throughout the day.


    Due to the lack of fluid intake as well as the hot and humid weather, one may suffer from dehydration. How to Manage: Aim to drink sugar-free and caffeine free drinks frequently throughout the evening and before dawn.

    Overall Management Goals During Ramadan Fasting:

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  2. All VoIP Providers - Compare VoIP Software, VoIP Providers - Buyer Guide
    Articles and guides from a 3rd party resources - Compare VoIP Software to find the best VoIP Providers
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  3. Broadvox - Experience Matters
    Our Experience Matters blog provides relevant thought-leadership, cutting-edge ideas, and expert opinions on the VoIP industry. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends.
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  4. Cheap Webhosting Providers
    Cheap Webhosting Providers Reviews
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  5. Cloud Backup Solutions are necessary in modern day computer networks
    Since the introduction of computer in commercial arena, all business firms and other organizations all over the world have gradually turned towards more and more utilization of computers...
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  6. Don’t Get Rid of Your Landline Phone – It Could Be Your Lifeline
    When was the last time you remembered someone’s telephone number? It’s probably been a while, as more people in the U.S.A are beginning to make the majority of their calls on cell phones or smartphones.
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  7. Global B2B Mart-B2B marketplace of Indian manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and service providers
    Global B2B Mart is a Best online business to business(B2B) marketplace of Indian Manufacturers ,B2B Exporters, Suppliers and service providers where buyer can get trusted indian suppliers and service providers.
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  8. Green Web Hosting - Blog
    Our blog discusses all aspects of web hosting from carbon offest to tomcat hosting.
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  9. Internet Musings
    For All Things Internet
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  10. Landline Providers
    Choosing a proper land line provider is an important decision. Visit Home Phone Online to compare deals and packages provided by top landline providers. Choose the best landline provider as per your requirement.
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  11. Need To Find The Cheapest Cable Services
    You Can Watch Over 3000+ Channels including:
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  12. Netmagic Connect
    'Netmagic Connect' shares business and technology trends in IT infrastructure, cloud computing, Internet data center, managed services, business continuity disaster recovery and managed security services. Get insights and innovative approaches.
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  13. The VoIP Provider Blog
    Need information about providing your company with internet phone service? Our VoIP Provider Blog will cover everything from VoIP home phone service to VoIP service for companies.
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