September 21, 2020

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  1. Annie Writes
    articles, daily entries, archive of Annie Thomas-Burke
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  2. Extreme Web Designs - Web Design & Web Development Tutorials and Resources!
    Website Design resources & Web Development resources available. Resource include (but not limited to) jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PHP, WordPress, HTML, DHTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Joomla and more.
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  3. Internet Marketing & Web Design Firm - Lancaster PA - Axis Creative Group - Advertising Tracking - Learn what works!
    Advertising Tracking... Learn what works! When your telephone rings do you know where the caller originated from? What campaign, what made them call and what is the probability they will purchase?
    Added on Oct 15, 2009 | 763 Views | 
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  4. Redesign Staging and Decorating
    Redesign Staging and Decorating
    Added on Aug 24, 2008 | 752 Views | 
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  5. Top 10 Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    You don't have to be an interior decorator to understand some basic principles of interior design that will help you create a home with style. We've assembled a list of tips that address 10 of the most common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them. This article is not about creating the perfect magazine-worthy home or intimidating you with designer jargon and time (and/or money) consuming tasks. Our aim is to present easy DIY fixes with the basic information needed to implement them.

    Whether you want to rearrange furniture in your living room, update your bedroom decor, create a guest room, shop for a dining room chandelier, or are starting from scratch with your first studio apartment, these tips will help you make the choices that are right for you and your lifestyle. Throughout this lens, you will also find links to other pages that explore some of these topics in greater depth from coordinating fabrics to choosing colors, hanging pictures, and more.

    The tips included here will give you the confidence to decorate and accessorize your home to create a welcoming, comfortable place without worrying about making mistakes or wasting time or money -- and one that reflects your unique personality and style.
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  6. Trendoffice
    interior and furniture design, consulting, trendspotting, journalism, re-design, 3D projects
    Added on Aug 14, 2006 | 957 Views | 
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  7. Updates on web design and development

    ACT Media designers are capable of designing a professionally developed website with the help of latest techniques.
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    Build your interior redesign, redecorate or home staging business, or further develop your existing interior design business, gaining you more clients and more profits.
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