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  1. Agatha Christie: The Legacy Lives On
    All books of Agatha Christie are so highly recommended that it is really difficult to select some of the best ones among them. Her novels are genuine page-turners and her plot settings are absolutely matchless. But there are five novels among all of them in which the ‘wow’ factor and the ‘chilly’ appeal will simply keep you hooked to read more and more from her.

    Here are those five novels for you.
    Added on Sep 22, 2011 | 1182 Views | 
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  2. An unprofessional look at professional tennis
    Men's Tennis Blog for Everyone
    Added on Sep 7, 2008 | 957 Views | 
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  3. James Bond Movie List
    List of all James Bond Movies, with details of when they were filmed, who directed, which actor played the lead James Bond Role, who provided companionship as the Bond Girls, the Villains, the Gadgets, the cars, the exotic locations and more.
    Added on Sep 21, 2007 | 1041 Views | 
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  4. Jolly Roger Shop - The Premier Pirate Resource Site
    Jolly roger shop is a premier resource site for everything pirate. Learn about the jolly roger flag and the most famous pirates in history.
    Added on Aug 10, 2014 | 784 Views | 
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  5. Not Cricket
    The writer of this blog is a cricket fan but he is not an 'only' cricket fan. There are so many sports that are close to one's heart that this blog will not feature cricket views alone but also other global sports action. Thus the name 'not cricket'.
    Added on Jun 26, 2009 | 919 Views | 
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  6. Practical Meditation Audio Course
    With two decades of training in four Buddhist temples in both Thailand and Sri Lanka, my fascination with Vipassana meditation methods is undiminished. So in the course I teach, my goal is to imbue the same fascination in my students, and the same enthusiasm for the unique self knowledge that Vipassana brings. To that same end, I have recently recorded and released an audio course that mirrors the course I teach, and this blog is a forum for all the questions and discussion that arises from that course.
    Added on Jun 4, 2012 | 836 Views | 
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  7. Revolution
    Living a revolutionary Christan life and changing the world
    Added on Dec 16, 2005 | 765 Views | 
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  8. Roger Biduk; Best Cat and Dog Nutrition
    The number one site on cat and dog nutrition and what pet food companies and vets won't tell you. The web site has reached an astonishing 502,421 hits in the month of July alone.
    Added on Sep 24, 2012 | 3090 Views | 
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  9. Shanes Queen Site News
    News and items from Shanes Queen Site, all the news relates to the Rock Legends Queen.
    Added on Jan 11, 2012 | 1031 Views | 
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  10. Successful You!
    Introduction to IGiveAwayMoney
    Added on Jul 25, 2005 | 672 Views | 
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  11. The Yin and Yang of Travelling
    An ongoing collection of stories of my adventures and misadventures while travelling.
    Added on Jun 4, 2012 | 824 Views | 
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